Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wordless Wednesday- Prom Style

The thought of me standing there with my girlfriends and our little boys is too much for me to handle. But one day that will be us!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

What do you do?

.....when your husbands only sister is about to have her first child? Throw a FABULOUS baby shower for her, of course!!!

Today was perfect in every way for our baby shower that we planned for sweet Dana and Baby Andrews. We went out on a limb and decided several months ago, that if the Lord was willing we would have a baby shower down by the creek. And man we could not have asked for better weather today or this entire past week! The deal was that you wore your rain boots and came ready to party in the water. The tables were set up both in the creek and beside it, and the sun played along great as it came so nicely through the trees. Our shower had a bird theme, and we stopped at nothing to make it work. We do not know what Baby Andrews will be, even though the momma bird and most others think it is a girl, so we chose "bright, mod-like" colors. It was so much fun having everyone out to my creek and I was so proud of how great Nate had made it look. We had a blast and now I just can't wait to meet my new niece or nephew so very soon.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wordless Wednesday- Late Easter post

Bunny treats!!

Why is it so hard to get everyone to look and smile?? Oh well, we tried!
Sitting alone by a tree eating Skitt*les! Until Poppi stopped to help him open more treats!

The crew! They seem so big compared to last year, when 3 of them just laid on the bed and fell into each other! Now we all walk and talk!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

We love warm weather!

Once we realized that Wednesday was going to be a pretty day, we called in our friends. Cy and Colby gathered some peeps and invited them over for a day at our house. We warned their moms that old clothes were a must, b/c around here you play and you play hard. This was the snapping turtle that was found within the first 5 mins of our friends arrival.
Then of course we had to hunt some eggs. Man did we have some serious hunters, and one serious girl that just cared about what was IN the eggs. That is my kind of girl!!
Then we loaded up and rode down to the creek. Where water boots are a must, but Cy forgot to warn his friends NOT to sit down in the mud. OOPS, but we did warn them that getting dirty is a guarantee around here. Despite dirty bottoms, we had fun throwing rocks and sticks.

This silly picture taking time was strictly for the moms and very pointless to this group. Good try guys! Thanks to all our friends that played and come again soon!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Scenes from the week....

We made the most of the week as we recovered from the stomach bug and did several fun things. On Wednesday we went to visit my Papa to take him some much needed medical supplies. The drive was long, but the boys were rewarded with some rock throwing time at the lake close to his home. We threw lots of rocks and saw MANY cool boats come into the dock. It even was warm enough to show off the boys muscles!!
Then on Thursday it was back to school for Cy. I was excited, but very nervous for him. You see this was the day for the Spring Program. And the Christmas program had been such a disaster that I was very unsure what he would do this time. AMAZINGLY enough no tears, and he actually sang??? He looked all through the crowd for us but when he could not find us he did what he was supposed to do and it was great. So here he is enjoying his icy treat after the show! Way to go buddy!!
Then last night I decided we would dye our eggs. The boys were interested for about 10 mins and then Daddy got to play. Cy liked the stickers and little stamper that came in the box. And Colby just thought the eggs were "balls" and wanted to throw them! In the end, Nate had fun and the eggs look great.