Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hooray Colby is 5 months old today!

Here is a pic of Colby out at our land today watching Nate and Cy play in the creek. Today is his 5 month b-day and we tried a little fruit in our oatmeal tonight. I can't believe it!! It won't be long until he is sitting up and trying to talk all the time like his big brother. Wow how the time flies.

Cy loves going out to Dad's creek and throwing rocks! We even had Briley and Brax out there to play today so it was great. Cy did accidentally throw a rock at Briley which hit her in the head. I am sure this will not be the last accident this group will have out at the land. But they sure do have fun!!

Here is a pic of Cy at VBS this week. Once we recovered from the stomach virus we did attend VBS for the last three days of the week. Cy hated it at first, but once he came in my class with his friend Sophie he was MUCH better! I do not think he was quite as brave as his buddy Will, but we will keep working on it!

Colby was the hit of all the sweet ladies that kept his class this week. They just were not able to put him down. He was spoiled rotten by them and they were by him I think! I am so glad that we were able to help at VBS and can't wait to see what future VBS adventures hold!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy Anniversary Pepe and Grandma!

Today is my parents anniversary, so I thought I would include a pic of them from my cousins wedding a few weekends ago! They are such great parents and grandparents to my brothers, my boys and I. We love you guys and thank you so much for all that you do!!

I wanted to include this picture to show Cy's ear after his little accident on the golf cart Saturday morning. It was our last full day on vacation and we were headed down to walk around in the community of Seaside. Before we could get gone though, Cy took a small spill off the golf cart and really has a few nice cuts and scraps. What can you say? He is all boy!! We all made it home safe and sound on Sunday just in time for the stomach virus to hit several of us. Yes that is right we made many memories at the beach and evidently shared a few germs as well. I woke up at 2 on Monday morning with a BAD case of the virus that had already struck Dana the night before. Then Nonnie decided to join in the fun on Monday afternoon. Cy was also subject to the bug on Monday. So we have done nothing but lay around and rest for the last 48 hours hoping to get rid of this yucky thing!
We hope to make it to VBS at church by tomorrow, but we will just have to see if we can regain our strength around here. Cy and I are both taking a couple of naps each day. All I can hope is that we have not given it to sweet little Colby!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Fave Fotos Friday!!

Our newest family member, a pup named Jake!

Meet our other new family members, Haley and Greeno. We all had a blast making our new friends.

Barron and Cy were super impressed with the Build a Bear experience! Wow are they going to be a hand full next year!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Water Park Fun

All Joey had to do was mention the word and we were the Big Kahuna water park in Destin. It was great. We thought we would beat the rush, haha, and get there around 10 when it opened. Yeah so did about a million other people, but most of them had actually arrived around 8 to stand in line just to get a seat under an umbrella. So several dollars later, Nate reserved a cabana and our own cabana girl to wait on us all day. It was great. Cy did not remember ever going to a "Water Part", but he quickly decided it was something that he liked. Not a huge water slide fan, but liked the kiddie areas with there giant turtles and such. We decided we would push the no-nap for Cy today and he did great. Colby and Barron on the other hand were supposed to nap, but they had other plans for most of the day.
The first pic below is the "Nonni and Uncle Gavin Daycare Hour" both boys were in theory supposed to be napping while we ran around with the big kids!! Haha!! You can not see the little mist sprayers but that is what they are trying to cool the boys off with in this pic. They also took turns taking them down to the lazy river and dipping them in. Oh and about not putting sunscreen on your babies until they are 6 months old, oops, poor Colby had a nice white film on him from all the 50 that he had on today! Hey I can't have him getting sunburnt and how do I keep him out of the sun totally at a water park?

Colby did actually give in around 3:30 and cat nap for a bit. He just could not take any more lazy river floating.

The day was great and everyone was off to bed early tonight. Can't wait to see what tomorrow holds for this wacky group!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Settling in...

We finally made it to the beach on Sunday around lunch time. We all came down at different times, so it was fun to finally all get together. We had not been there 10 mins when most of the crew hit the pool. Then if you know any of the Lankfords you know that sweets are ultra important to us all. So with in the first hour we had already hit up the ice cream man in the neighborhood. Two spiderman pops and one snow cone to go! Cy was in heaven!!

My goal for the week was for Cy to be able to swim with out assistance while wearing his swimmies. Yeah for Cy by the end of the first afternoon he was off. He is doing great with the help of his Dad and Uncles. Thanks guys for helping my big buddy swim! He is so much happier and excited about swimming.

And then there is sweet Colby, he borrowed his big cousin Barron's float and hung out with Dad and Cy in the pool for a little while this morning. He loved it! He is having fun on his second trip to the beach and I will post some really cute pics from the beach of him soon. He has also become a pro at rolling. He is all over the place. It is great!

I have so many pics to post but the computer only wants to do a few at a time, so hang in there for more. We did have to say goodbye to Poppi today b/c he was needed back on the campaign trail! Good luck Pop and we missed you this afternoon. We are having a blast hanging out with the fam and enjoying the new house.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Fave Foto Friday- Bloopers!

Okay two pics from the week that can be considered Bloopers! Canoeing in the Pool?? Colby and his hat with strawberries on it?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The weekend wedding starring Darth Vader??

Along with celebrating Cy's birthday this week, we also had a wedding over the weekend. It was my oldest cousin's Aldon wedding and it was here in Franklin. I just have to give it a brief blog entry, b/c it was great. My cousin is a HUGE Star Wars fan and it carried right over in to his wedding. After being introduced as the new couple they walked through an archway made of "light sabers?" (obviously I no nothing about Star Wars). Then as we were about to toast the happy couple here came Darth out to fight my cousin??!! It was great and Darth(my uncle) stayed in costume for the remainder of the evening and danced the night away. Just wanted to include this entry to say congrats to the newlyweds and to really impress all the rest of you with the fact that I have been to a wedding that included Darth Vader in the wedding party!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Cy!!

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What a fun week we have had around here! Like his mother, Cy has to celebrate his birthday for several days, not just one!! We had a little party over the weekend for a few friends and family, and it went great. Thanks to Cy's Grandmo and Pep for letting us have our friends over. Cy racked up in the gift department and has played all week with his new toys. I am including a slide show and other pics from the party as well.
Today is his actual birthday and boy was he stunned when he woke up to Nate and I singing at 8 this morning. Yes he did sleep until 8, he had a late night last night babysitting Livi!! He woke up to a small pile of gifts wrapped in "Cars" paper. I really think it bothered him to have to tear the wrapping paper. He is obsessed with his cars. After a fun breakfast Cy, Colby, Grandma and I went to the new pool water park at the Maryland Farms YMCA. It was super fun and Cy loved playing in the kiddie pool. We then did some quick lunch and home for a BIG nap. Not sure tonight's birthday plans, but ol' mom is sure to cook up something. Yesterday was Nonni's 50th birthday, so we may try to get the two birthday buddies together and celebrate tonight. I will post more pics later if we do.
Cy has had such a fun 2nd year and I look forward to spending many more with him. He is really having his 2 year old moments these days, but we are fighting them out with him and hopefully we will all survive them! He is a truly amazing little person and I love each day that I get to hang out with him!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Who had more fun? Dad or Cy??

We all had a great time on Tuesday night at Braxton's birthday party, but from the pictures you can tell who really had the best time! Nate!!! I have no idea how many extra tokens that he bought for "Cy" that night. It was lots of fun, and I had a hard time watching Cy sit there with the "big boys" and eat. I just feel like he is still so small, but he just jumped right in and ate the pizza like he was about to turn 4 not 2. Oh except for when Chuckie came out and then we had to sit in mom's lap. But mom did not mind!
Wednesday was also a big day for our family, my grandparents moved from Dickson to Franklin to live in assisted living here. That is a great move for everyone involved, them, my mom and us. We will definitely get to see them more and help when we can.
I had to throw in the pic of Colby from last week. He is growing and changing so much everyday! It is so much fun watching him roll everywhere.
We have a big weekend coming up with my cousins wedding and the birthday party so check back for some new pics soon.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Seriously Out of Hand....

Okay ladies, I need a few words of encouragement here! The Lord has blessed me with a very thick head of hair. Great you say, however, since my sweet Colby has arrived I am loosing hair by the hand full every hour. No seriously, just in the last 4 or 5 weeks it has gotten crazy. I did this with Cy and told myself that it is normal and not to worry, ha!! Now I am getting concerned. I don't just pull out small amounts, I am pulling out enough to make a wig everyday!!! I would have included a pic just to prove that I am not exaggerating, but I think that would be gross to look at so I am not. Even Nathan gave me the old "good thing you had a lot to start with" comment. If this happened to you would you please refresh my memory and let me know HOW LONG IT LASTED!!! Oh and when I should start to be concerned???!!!

On a lighter note, Colby had his 4 month check up yesterday and thankfully he is doing great. He is slightly larger than Cy was at this point (like 2 pounds heavier and 1/2 inch longer), but he has mastered rolling over already. This was something sweet Cy did not do until much later!! Thank the Lord for our healthy little guys!

Sending a Happy 4th Birthday to my nephew, Braxton! Hope to have a couple of pics from the party to share soon!

Monday, June 2, 2008

A couple more lake pics from the trip!

The boys raced through the mud in the video and we decided that had to be blog worthy. Since the two big guys did not have quite the skill as the younger brother. Also wanted to include the animal print, not a zoologist here, but I am pretty sure that the creature who left this print was not one that we wanted to meet. Clay and Tucker slid down some cool waterfalls and nearly froze to death at a few others. The lake was beautiful! Enjoy the pics!

The last few days of May

Disclaimer: Super long post!

Okay so the last week of May was a very fun one around the Lankford house. We took off last Wednesday, the 28th, and headed for Asheville, N.C. We packed the boys in our car and the other car had my parents, Tuck, Clay and Allison. We were off!! We stopped in Knoxville to eat some great Sawyers chicken and allow Clay and I some time to reminisce on our college days! Tuck is dead set on being a Vol as well, so we did a quick drive through the campus and we were off. We got to Asheville late afternoon and enjoyed the city. All was going well, until we realized that Cy was starting to feel awfully warm. Since he slept on the bench during dinner we knew something was not right. The thermometer did not lie and we had just started our family vacation with a toddler running a 103 degree fever. We gave him some medicine, went to bed and hoped for the best.
Thursday we were off to visit the Biltmore, even with our sick child. He continued to run the fever, but the medicine did bring it down enough that he was able to have fun. The Biltmore was great and we all were very impressed. Thursday was also mine and Nate's 4 year anniversary so it was fun to hang out with everyone and eat a couple of yummy meals. We went ahead and drove over to the house we were staying at for the weekend. Everyone was glad to be there and getting settled.
Friday was golf for the guys and pool for the girls and kids! We also made a trip over to Clemson for dinner that night. Thanks to Big Nanny, I am obsessed with the card game PIT. I took it on the trip and Friday night we played several WILD rounds. Tuck was the winner for the night, but we all had several good laughs.
Saturday we rented a boat and spent most of the day out on the lake. Yes, Tuck and I were awesome tube riders however I am still very sore from holding on for dear life. Cy loved the waterfalls and riding the boat. Colby just hung out as usual!
Sunday came and it was time to head home. However, my mom had let it slip that H&M is now open in Atlanta, and it just so happens that you can go home that way from where we were in South Carolina. So several shopping bags later we finally made it back to Franklin last night. The trip wad great and we had a blast spending time with the fam!