Monday, May 17, 2010

He has a song in his heart.....

just not when he is on stage!

sunday night we went to the adorable preschool choir performance at church. cy loves to sing, and really does always have a song in his heart. he is just not super crazy about singing on stage. while he got to sit beside his good buddies, he stayed interested in it for as long as he could!

how much longer?

that's it folks, lets be done!

he did love his wonderful teacher "miss honey" and really without her i am not sure he would have done it at all!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dad's away, at the beach we will play!

As usual for the first week of May, Nate loaded up and headed South, to Nicaragua*! He and his team of 22 men were ready to build, love and even sing a little. I think they had a great week.
While Dad is away, we load the car up and head to our own southern destination, of Destin*. This year we had a special guest traveler and I could not have made it without her. Especially since Colby began to vomit ALL over the car for the last hour of the trip down. My mom, or as my crew calls her, Grandmo, made this years trip so much more fun. We prayed away the stomach virus for the rest of us and had a very relaxing 5 days. We swam, we dug and we ran fast away from the waves. The boys love the beach and love having so many fun people around. Our house crew was perfect as well and we loved staying up late beading with all the girls. It was a wonderful time!

This was our entire crew at the Red bar one night! YIKES, THEY WERE A CREW!!
Run, Run, Run!!!!

The best part of the week is when my sweet Nate returns. We surprised several of our guys by meeting them around midnight on Sat. night! Welcome home sweet guys!

My sweet boys make me feel like such a special mommy!