Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Why am I so surprised?

....that God is so much more than I can even try to expect or understand?
All I can say is that I prayed He would show us if and which one when we went to the Korah meeting tonight. Nate already knew we would do it and really so did I, but I didn't know how we would ever really decide or choose. (Like it was ever my choice anyway!!) She has pigtails, no known family and is 9 years old. God reminded me of sweet Keoshina that we left in Costa Rica. There was never any doubt from the minute I stopped and saw her. So she will be given the chance to have hope, to have dreams and to have a future, all by going to school this fall. We are rejoicing in the Lankford house tonight. Already she has blessed our lives more than she will ever know. Sweet Cy is so worried about why she has no family, why she eats trash and will she get to go live with her teachers at her new school. The questions are tough for a 3 year old, but they are also so tough for me. God knows, and He has a mighty plan.

My heart is happy tonight!!
Not sure that I can put her (oh Mealat, is her precious name) pic on here, but if I can I will soon!

Oh and if you want some of this good stuff, let me know and I will direct you straight to this amazing ministry!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mommy who is your speical friend?

********** Warning, long post!! And pretty all over the place.*****************

Today at lunch Cy noticed a picture that was new hanging on the chalk board beside the kitchen table. It has been there for a couple of days, but today he decided to ask," Mommy who is your special friend in that picture?" I told him that her name was Carolina and she lives in Costa Rica. That is like telling him that she lives down the street and her name is Bob. He was done and satisfied with just any answer. But really Carolina deserves so much more and I have not given it to her. She deserves for me to think about her, tell my kids about her, continue to pray for her and not back down from the place of my heart that she opened for me almost 2 months ago.

Since returning from Costa Rica I have not blogged about it, I don't know what to say. It was awesome, amazing, great, and so many other things. I was crushed when I returned. I missed my friends, I missed my amazing place of peace with the Lord and I missed those sweet faces of Costa Rica. My team had 10 members from the states, but everyday we had at least 2 or 3 more friends tagging along. God's plan for our trip included these extras each day and I think the relationships we had with them was one of the most important reasons for the trip. From our guide to our bus driver, to the missionaries we met, every where we turned God instantly blessed our friendships. It was wonderful!
The kids were awesome and the 2 homes we visited couldn't have been more different. One home had kids that went to school, lived in the center of the city and yet the spirit was so sad here. The other home had kids that did not go to school and lived all alone up on a hill, but the Lord's spirit was alive and well and it was so refreshing. This was the home that stole most of our hearts.

As we first entered the second home I noticed her standing in the front walkway pushing a baby in a stroller. No one thought one thing about it, that is just what the older kids did. They helped look after the little ones. However a couple of hours later when we realized the young girl, (maybe she was 15?) supposedly 17, was nursing that baby all things changed. That is "her," Carolina's baby??? She was so different and so much in need. I was hooked.

A couple of days later we rode a boat together. She insisted I hold baby Fernando, unless we saw any creature, then she took him back so I could take a pic. I was not too concerned about 15 pictures of a blue heron, but Carolina loved looking at them on the little screen. We tried to talk, but Spanish is her 2nd language so English was NO where on her radar. Then she nursed, and nursed and nursed some more. No big deal, I am of the baby nursing age and so are all my friends. Carolina just struggled with it, and it broke my heart.

As the days went by I spent more time quietly loving on my sweet friend and her baby. I learned she had indeed already given up one previous baby and she was only staying at the orphanage so that they would not take this one away as well. She had left Panama* with her "much, much" older husband and was all alone in a country where she did not know anyone. The husband? had not seen her since she went to the hospital 7 weeks earlier to have Fernando. Carolina's story was complicated and I believe she has since left the home, with Fernando. What will happen to her I have no clue, but her sweet face and her needs will not go forgotten.

As I lay in my bed one night in C.R. I told my sweet roomie Carrie I have to do something. Something to help not just the young moms in Costa Rica but the ones in my own backyard. Someone or somewhere I read that if you don't act on your feelings within the first 2 months of being home, then they lose that grip on you. Well I have not let it go, I have emailed people, talked to people and stepped out in more ways already than I ever imagined. So stay posted to see what doors our wonderful Lord will open for me and just how in the world He will use this "boy mom" to reach out to teenage girls in Mid. Tenn and anywhere else He calls!!

I hope to continue to post pics and fun memories from my trip. This was just a good starting off point for me!

Carolina was from a indigenous group in Panama*. She like everyone else we met just made up the big "melting pot" that is Costa* Rica!

A special spring day with special little helpers!

This week was the week that Nate has been waiting for since last fall. It was the week to plant this years garden!!! He planned a special afternoon to bring out my grandparents and my parents to help supervise the planting process. He is trying some new stuff this year, but don't worry folks we are still going to have TONS to share!!!! We are the proud owners of some tomato plants that hang and a fence that some beans are going to grow on. We had some special helpers that came down to join in the fun. The Walker girls are still patiently waiting for their mom to come home, but in the mean time they really were good "helpers."

Cy and Caylor at least had tools that might work. Caroline and her foam sword and Colby with his mallet were not going to be as useful!!

Off they went with the "Big Farmer Dad" leading the charge.

OOOOHHHH sidetracked by a worm.....

Yikes, here comes the rain.

We had a blast with our little friends and the garden looks great. I did not get a pic of my g-dad supervising, b/c the rain kept me in doors. Nate set up a tent and placed G-dad under it close enough to monitor, but far enough away not to hear everything he said!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Come play with us!

We had a few of our peeps come for a picnic with us for the first time this spring. It was not the warmest day ever, but that did not stop our crazy crew.

Colby does not mind driving the ladies, I think the fact that he is laid back helps when dealing with a car full of girls!!

These two are not identical, but they are both sweet and beautiful girls!
Muddy, messy 2 year old creek explorers
Gotta love those sweet curls, she is too much cuteness!
Long day for Baby Bane (this is how I totally felt too!)

Scenes of Spring

So far this spring all we have spent tons of time outside. We love the warm weather but have wondered what has happened to Nate. He has been on a turkey hunting mission with a certain Pastor and they have been up many a morning by 5. Their determination has paid off and both have shot large birds!! Here is Nate with his biggest fan!
Cy is so proud.

One Sunday we went to pick up Nate's truck from Uncle "Jeffy" at the fire station. The boys, all 3 of them, had a blast playing in the water and checking out the trucks.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


I now have a pic of my newest niece hanging on my refridgerator!!!! Come see us soon, Sweet Girl!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Court!

The pics will just have to come later, but tonight we celebrated my sweet sis-in-law Court! She won't be here next year, so I was not about to miss this year(shingles and all). She is an amazing wife, mother, sister, aunt and friend to us all! Please pray a special day late b-day prayer that she gets to see the sweet face of her 4th baby tomorrow. Come on Bristol, we are all waiting for you!!!

Happy Birthday Sweet Friend!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Monday, April 5, 2010

Struttin proud!

One proud hunting guide + one proud pastor hunter = One less turkey in Williamson County on Saturday morning!!

Easter, the big picture

I really wanted to spend a little time talking up the true meaning of Easter with Cy this year. I felt that he was old enough to get more of it, than just the bunny! With the help of his sunday school teachers and his preschool teachers I feel like he really got the bigger picture. It made me so proud! So with little mention of the bunny friend and the whole "need" for basket treasures, we did not start talking about all of that until Saturday evening.
I tried my best to remember that we were coloring eggs this year, not dying them (b/c it is hard to understand that you die eggs and Jesus died on the cross?)Here my artist pause with their masterpieces.

Oh and it is totally a Lankford tradition that we have adopted, the bunny always "hides" our baskets. This year the dryer looked like a great spot.

Cheese for the family pic! I tried to make us coordinate, but I am married to Nate and that is enough said!!!

Pep, please open this one, and this one and this one and this one.....

A sweet friend that joined us with her crew this year, and we matched.

Blessed to be with family, 4 generations represented in a couple of ways.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Oh to be a preschooler.....

.......at the Little School. Today was a big day for Cy at "school." Someone decided to have an egg hunt, a spring program and a bike parade all in the same day. Cy was pumped!

He did try to work up a couple of tears for Mom when he saw me from the stage, but for the most part he gave it a good effort.

This is his serious, get out of the way look, on the mighty trike that he sported during the parade. He told everyone he won and was the fastest?!?

A cool treat was the perfect way to end the day. Thanks to Pepe and Grandmo for coming and supporting the rising star! Little brother just got to skip nap with his class and thought he was too cool!

Happy happy birthdays!!!

Not only did we celebrate Nate again on Monday but we also sang Happy Bday to our sweet friend Lila. Her mom did a wonderful job planning a party that was appropriate for all size "chickies!" We played outside, went on a hayride, had yummy cupcakes and even had an egg hunt. So much fun and so glad to celebrate another 2 year old friend.

Not sure how long Lila's dad is going to want this shady crew to hang around but for now just give them a cupcake and you can control them!

The birthday girl is somewhere in this pic along with all the crazy kiddos about to hunt eggs!

That night we went and had a special birthday dinner for Nate at my moms house. She made him spaghetti and we did some damage to a yummy dish of oreo delight. All the boys have talked about since Colby's birthday is blowing out Nate's candle. Here they are helping so much.

My very much older, wiser and super studly husband! Love you Nate!