Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday Nate!

Sunday was Nate's 29th Birthday and it went a little differently than I had planned. But we had a blast celebrating him, even if no one else wanted to see us since we had been plagued with the stomach virus for 3 days. Anyway, we pushed ahead and made the most of our day. Nate got to do all of his favorite things.
Hang with his boys!!
Kill a monster turkey!!
And play video games at Chuckie Cheese's Happy Birthday Dad, we love you and hope you had a very special day!!

I must explain that even though we were home bound with the TERRIBLE stomach virus, Nate wanted to get out. I had already scrapped my fun outside party that I was hoping to have and we invited anyone that was willing and brave to join us at Chuckie*s. Thanks to the few that did make it out and I totally understand those that did not want to visit with us, the germ family!! I think Nate had a great time which is good, since he spent the next morning in the bathroom! Bummer!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

What have we been doing?

It has been forever since I blogged last and I have just been suffering from bloggers block. I am not sure what we have been doing?? But I decided to get back into it today by listing a few things that Cy, Colby, Nate and I have done over the last few weeks!

1. We have PLAYED outside. Literally I mean that on the days it is warm enough to be out we have started at 10 in the morning and finished around 7 at night. It is so wonderful to be out here and to have such a great backyard to play in. We have had cousins over for lunch and Uncle Tuck came just to play in our backyard with us. We are loving the weather!

2. Also we have walked, no I have not walked for exercise. I mean that Colby is a walking machine and we have walked lots around our house and yard. I am so glad that he now has the freedom to go places with out getting his knees so dirty.

3. We also have attended several PHS Soccer games. Yes Tuck and Taylor both play soccer and we love to cheer them on. A very fun cheap and close to home form of entertainment. I will post some pics of the boys in their tees once I take some....

4. We (actually Nate) has been getting the garden ready. He is so excited and this weekend we hope to begin planting somethings. Or at least buy the tools he is going to need to be a successful farmer. Wish him well!!!

5. We have been watching our turkey friends and waiting anxiously for TURKEY HUNTING, which begins Sat. Yeah for Nate!!

6. One other note is that we have been so busy finding out that we have 3 couple friends all having babies this fall! We are so excited for them!
I have been cooking(or at least attempting), reading, and just playing lots in the last few weeks. Our life is great and we are so blessed! Hope you are enjoying each day for what it is and making the most of it like we do out here in "the Grove."

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Part two of the great weekend!

Saturday night wrapped up and we woke up Sunday morning to an amazing scene. I was so excited to wake Cy up and show him the beautiful snow that covered the ground. He and Nate were dressed and playing before 7 and played all morning long. They thought the 3 or 4 inches we had in places was something to brag about until we got the call. My parents called and said that they were headed to the cabin in Lewisburg* because my g-parents were reporting 8 inches of snow! Nate was sooo excited and we loaded the car to drive 30 mins. south. As soon as we drove up, we were amazed. It was so much fun spending the day out in the snow! I love the pics I got and have several more to share in the next few days. Here are Pep and Colby with the snow blowing in front of the cabin.
Family pic on the 4-wheeler with the pretty snow. We rode the "boom boom" up through the woods on some great trails and found some really cool caves to explore.

Cy and Pep also took a ride on the "boom boom" to find some coyote caves.

Until little buddy can walk he still has to be entertained and held a lot. But Grandma does a great job and here they were laughing at the funny "boom boom" sounds she was making.

Every great snow day ends with some time by the fire warming up and eating snacks. Cy and Tuck do a great job at this and enjoyed lots of chips, cookies and candy. Thanks guys for including us in one wonderful and very special day. We loved every minute of it!!

A weekend so fun it takes two posts!

This was one super fun and very busy weekend for my crew. We had to celebrate two special birthdays on Saturday afternoon and had a blast doing it. First we hit Miss L.'s 1st b-day with its circus theme, and it was decorated fabulous. All went well until Rocket the clown showed up and then all went down hill for the Lankford boys. Here is the picture of Cy crying when he first saw the clown. I do not have a pic of Colby, but he was so upset when the clown's nose accidentally fell off that we had to step outside just to calm him down. In the pic you can see the fun popcorn boxes, nacho baskets and tubs of cotton candy.
I had to include this pic of me and my boys sporting our brand new t-shirts. These adorable tees are being sold to help support the adoption of my new niece the will come from Ethiopia later this year. If you would like to help bring this sweet little girl home, leave me a comment and I will give you more details. (obviously, the clown was still close and we were not happy)

Cy did start to enjoy things a little more, once his Aunt Dane Dane started painting faces! We were sooo proud of our batman face that we even managed to give the clown a high five as we were leaving.

We finished party one and headed over to celebrate Miss S's 3rd bday. This was a dance party and Cy was ready to "move it, move it." As soon as we arrived our favorite songs were playing and both of my boys jumped on the stage and began to boogie! We like dancing around here and thought the dance party was a great way to end the afternoon. Happy birthday to both of our sweet girls.

Two parties down and we still felt that this crew could handle a little more. So we meet up with the cousins and grabbed some dinner at Logans* I think there is a game called "monkeys in a barrel," well that phrase also applies here~