Wednesday, January 26, 2011

calling all super helpers!

if you have a toddler at home you may know the phrase, " calling all super readers," it is from a pbs show that my two love to watch. i actually don't need the help of the super readers right now to rewrite the story of some children's book, i need the help of some super helpers to help rewrite the story for ONE 17 year old mom. she and her too cute for words almost 2 year old are just trying to make it these days. this mom is 4 months away from graduating high school and really is in a bad spot.

you see at home things are just not too great, to say the least! these two have moved about 3 times in the last 4 months and their current situation is really a last resort. they are out of "good" options and really never had a wholesome option in the first place. the adult that they currently live with is NOT supportive of the mom OR the sweet 2 year old.

we all know that trials are a part of life and this momma is not exempt. even with the living situation bad, she also ran into some other bad luck last week. without going to much in to the child's life, (yes the mom), she needs some help!

what i am asking for is help in feeding these two sweet girls!!! yes, they are currently in a spot where food is not easy to get, and nothing is free in this situation.

so i am asking for help once again. i need groceries, gift cards to buy them and other meals for these two. currently sweet lil miss is living on junk food and lots of sugar, so much that her teeth are almost all rotted just from the juice she consumes each day. things like milk, fruit and even sandwiches are hard to come by for this crew.

like the other requests i have had, i do not know how this will look exactly or how the Lord will provide. i DO know that i will have to set up a system for getting any food items, meals and such and i will want to spread them out. the food items will be closely monitored at school thru the daycare. i am ONLY interested in feeding the mom and child. NO ONE else that is in their lives currently!!!!

can you help? thank you!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

*the greatest show on earth, just ask Nate.....

on friday night we went with my parents and brothers to yes, the greatest show on earth*, the circus!!! it was a surprise, and when pep told cy what it was he was sooo excited. he remembered that he had been to the circus before and it was awesome. nate loved it just as much and will tell you all the acts if you happen to have missed this years show :)

they wanted to strike a circus picture before we left. they thought looked super good....
the elephants doing, but of course the highlight for my group was the one that pooped all over the stage. BOYS!
making memories....thanks grandmo and pep for a fun night

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

snow vacation

once nate found out that good snow was a real possibility he loaded us up and off on our "snow vacation" we went. or "off to grandma's house we go" we love to get snowed in at grandmo's, she has the best hills, best snow clothes :) and the very BEST snowed in food. really it is vacation. so we spent 3 nights at hotel cedarmont and had a blast. nate worked during the day and played at night. we threw snow balls, sled down mr.kermit's hill and did some slightly dangerous 4-wheeler sledding. so fun!! thanks to our wonderful hosts for letting us crash, we loved it!

here is colby riding the sled with nate pulling him behind the 4-wheeler, safe huh?
cy considers himself a champion sledder!
my "snowmen"
oh and nate ate snow slushies the entire time we were there. *coke flavored, cranberry flavored, and some that had a yellowish tint :)
we were also able to keep cuddles, cy's class pet, for a few extra days! cuddles just had to brave the snow storm with us!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

love him always......

he wears many hats.....husband, leader, dad, nater, nate, boss, teacher, friend, buddy, hunting buddy, son, son-in-law, grandson,uncle, cheerleader and this?????

i do love him always, no matter what hat he is wearing. praying for my nate today and tomorrow! we all need lifting up sometimes!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

HOPE......for 2011

so 2010 ended. i have very mixed emotions. it was a doozie of a year. one that stretched me, pushed me, crushed me, and held me in so many different ways.

it was a year that had several periods of ups and downs. it had so many that truthfully, i was a little unsure about starting another year. a year is so long and so much can happen. so instead of remembering the bumps, i wanted to remember the treasures this year held......

- my first mission trip, which lead to my heart cry for young moms. something that the Lord is stilling pushing and guiding on!
- doing several bible studies with some amazing women, that pushed me way out of my comfort zone.
-meeting some friends this year that only God could have fit into my life.
-letting one sweet friend go, a long way away!
-walking through several rough patches only to realize what it truly means to fear and love the Lord, and know He loves me so much He only wants the best for me.

it was just a WOW kind of year. so i will focus on the HOPE i have for 2011. Hope that only the Lord can take care of. nothing that this world can provide.

oh this tray of yummies that nate made me last night, might provide some hope of a full belly in 2011!