Friday, February 27, 2009

What do you do when you are home sick?

Since the beginning of Dec. I am pretty sure that some one in this house has been sick almost every week! I have no clue why we are such germ magnets, but we are and I am REALLY ready for spring. This past week, Cy ran a fever for about 3 days and was just miserable. So we were once again homebound and making the most of it. Cy felt like laying on the couch and watching the TV most of the day, but every once in a while the meds would work and we could play a little. So here we are playing crawl through the tunnel/dad's legs for a while one night. Such a fun game!!
Cy even thought this looked like fun so he gave it a couple of tries before he laid down again.
While we have been at home I am proud to say that my sweet Colby has made HUGE strides in his walking efforts. He can now do so many steps that counting them is silly. He is not totally convinced that this whole walking thing is cooler than his speedy crawling, but he is actually warming up to the idea. Here he is off and walking down to the end of the hallway. Brother is usually there to help, or give an occasional push. Colby is getting so much better each day. Way to go little buddy.

And last but not least, when you are sick at home for several days you learn the feeding patterns of the 60 plus wild turkeys that live in our field. We love waking up each day to see where they are and what they are doing. Each morning Colby is positioned so that he can sit in his chair, eat his waffle and watch his turkeys. He calls to them the entire time. Nate could not be happier and loves standing at the back door watching them. Here is a pic of the turkeys once they make it to the front yard each morning. They then proceed to fly (which is not something turkey's do gracefully) across the road and return late afternoon. There is the occasional bird that decides to run across the road and well, lets just say that is going to be a bad morning when we see one of our friends get hit. Just this morning we almost witnessed a collision. Oh well, I will cross that bridge when I have to, probably through my own tears!
This is what we do when we are home sick! If you need any really thrilling ideas, there you go! Cy is feeling much better and just in time for a huge birthday party weekend, a circus gathering and a real dance party! Can't wait to celebrate with our friends.

Friday, February 20, 2009

A refreshing break!

Last weekend we slipped away for a couple of days with some friends to have what I would call a "refreshing break!" I LOVE my children, but I also LOVE their dad and was so excited to get to hang out just with him. We were super blessed to ship the boys off to both wonderful sets of g-parents and head over to South Carolina for a couple of days. The guys actually organized the trip and all I had to do was worry about the snacks! It was nice to do the little things that I miss at home, like going to the bathroom alone. We even got to see a girlie movie and I did not have to tear/cut any food all weekend. I did realize how much I love those two little clowns, and how lucky I am to have such a great husband!
The pics below were from our dinner out in Clem*son. It could not compare though to the yummy Valentines meal we were served from the guys! Thanks to all that allowed me to enjoy this "refreshing break!"

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday- Worship Style

Colby loves to listen to some Cedarmon*t Kids worship music! He claps his hands and NEVER blinks an eye!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Our Patriot Idol

For those of you that know Nate and I well, you know that our families are what make us tick. And we especially love to talk about our siblings with a major focus on the little brothers right now! To be fair about that, they are both high school seniors with lots of cool things going on, that we like to brag about. Nate and I could go on forever about our youngest brothers. They both go to Page and are so different yet actually really good friends. So the point of my post tonight is about Taylor (Nate's lil bro.) Taylor is a well rounded kid that has found a new passion in life, music. Taylor hopes to attend Belmont in the fall, in the school of music program. So tonight we were so blessed to have a free babysitter and we went to watch Taylor perform in "Patriot Idol 2" at the school. It was VERY different from what I had expected. It was great. 11 high school kids performed songs they had personally written and most played an instrument as well! This was a huge step for Taylor and we were so proud! I have included several pics from the night. Here is Taylor on stage singing his awesome love song.
Nate with Taylor, we were so excited and proud!!

Nonnie made Taylor pose so I took advantage of the pic and snagged Taylor in front of the "interesting" sign!

No Tuck was not in the show, singing is NOT something we Watson's can do, but his good buddy Cody played and did wonderful as well!! Hopefully they will be roomies next year, but that is a whole different post.

This pic makes me smile, to be 18 and so excited about the future ahead!! Oh and both Taylor and Cody were robbed! I think we need a recount!!

Also Taylor has his big Belmont audition this weekend, so good luck buddy. We will be praying for you!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Not exactly what I was expecting!

So last Friday I took Colby in for his 12 month checkup. I assumed this was another checkup that would consist of a weight check, a height check and a good head measurement. I am sure most moms do not focus on the head check b/c most kids have relatively normal sized heads. Well unfortunately for this mom that is not the case. You see large heads run in our fam. Actually I think they run on Nate's side of the family, but that is beside the point! So Colby does great for the head measurement and then cries through the exam just for fun, and to stress me out. All is great except, oh his head is really big and his soft spot is not closing. This was not exactly what I wanted to hear, b/c then our sweet dr. says we can not wait any longer we must know what is causing this soft spot issue. The big head is really okay, but not with the soft spot issue. So our visit quickly goes from almost over to drawing lots of blood and setting up our CT scan for this morning. YUCK!! We were given 3 probable explanations and they were not too bad. The first was that this was simply Colby and his head was just going to be big and his soft spot would close in time. Best option obviously! The other two dealt with a possible thyroid problem or even worse, some excess fluid on his brain. After a weekend of enlisting prayer warriors on Colby's behalf, I had peace in my heart and went in for the scan this morning. It did take 3 tries, but eventually they had a pic that would tell us the answer to one of our three options. Praise the Lord, the radiologist came right in and calmed my worst fear that it was NOT fluid on the brain. He said it looked great and that nothing bad was going on! I was not ready to call off the troops yet, but this afternoon, the dr. office called and said no thyroid problems either!! YEAH!! So this is just an issue Colby has and we do not know when it will close, but as far as we can tell, it will close in its own time and that is perfect. I wrote all of this to remind myself that God is good, all the time and when He provides we must remember to give Him the glory!! I pray that you too will remember to give Him the glory today and everyday.