Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Okay so this is an old pic since we will be 10 months old this weekend, but I just wanted to put a pic on here! Life is still crazy and we move in less than a week, but I am trucking ahead and making SOME progress. I have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, I am blessed with so many "good and perfect gifts" from the Lord. Thanks be to Him.
We will be having a Lankford/Andrews slumber party tonight at Poppi's and then off to the firehall with the Watson's tomorrow! Yikes for the breakfast casserole that I made, I am not too much of a cook so we will see how it tastes in the morning. Hope you all have a wonderful day of rest and "thanksgiving."

Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Friend!

So today is my friend's birthday and I thought I would share some facts about her and our friendship!

1. We have been friends since 1992! When she stalked me at cheerleading tryouts?!

2. We have been to Nationals for cheerleading together, but I will say we should have skipped the competition and just hung out with Mickey!

3. We have both liked TERRIBLE boys, although she may have liked a few more than me!!

4. We are official Big and Little Sis's in the land of the Deltas.

5. She used to cry ALL the time, I did not understand??

6. We have been to so many date parties, formals, and socials together it really is ridiculous!

7. We married best friends in the same year, had boys in the same year and have betrothed our second children to be married!

We have done lots the same, but we are just enough different to make it work! Friend I hope you have a great birthday and I am sure we will spend many more together!

Oh and we need to take more pics of adults and not so many of kiddos. This is the only one I could find to post!!

Happy Birthday Manda!!
That is what I have always called her!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Quick update!

Okay so now we are down to the last two weeks before we move out! Just some facts to let you know how we are doing:

1. Not 1 box has been packed!

2. I am still pulling wallpaper off the walls.

3. Nate spent the weekend being the plumber/electrician! Gotta love him!

4. We have been to Home Depot and Lowes more times than I can count in the last week.

5. I was at Kroger at 6:45 this morning doing my grocery shopping for the week.

6. Oh and high school football came to an end last Friday night! It was a blast and we will miss it greatly next season.

We are still hanging in there, although I am not sleeping because I always seem to wake up worried that the paint I like won't match something!!! But we are so blessed to be able to fix up the house and have the funds to pick out things like bathroom vanities and paint!!God is good!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


For any that care, this is what is and has been going on around here:

1. The Page Pats are still in the playoffs, way to go Tay and Tuck!!!

2. We do have a contract on our home and are supposed to be moved out in less than 25 days!

3. We have completely gutted the little farmhouse on our land and are trying to have it ready to live in, in less than 25 days!!!

4. I am trying to pick out things like appliances, paint colors, and lights!

5. I am trying to pack?!

6. And I am want to be a good wife, mom and friend! Thank you Lord for the madness and for the answer to our prayers this crazy month has brought us!
So not sure where blogging is going to fall into this but I will keep trying!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Thanks Mom!!







Thanks Mom, it was wonderful!! Love you lots!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

You win some, you lose some, but you have fun along the way!

Yesterday we woke up ready to face a day of total uncertainty. We could end the night, big winners, or NOT! Well unfortunately for us this was not our time. But the sun came up this morning and as I reflect on this past year, boy was it FUN! We have drug the kiddos to more crazy events, bus rides, phone banks, and Poppi(grown up) parties than I can even count. But man do we have so many memories because of it all. Cy today is just as happy to tell someone to "vote Poppi" as he was yesterday or 2 weeks ago! Poppi is a great man and I feel like we were so blessed to be apart of this clean, political race. Yes, it would have been way more fun to leave the party last night as the victor, but I think we needed this wake up call as Christians to get in gear! I just pray that we will have the opportunity to do something as amazing and fun as we have this year again in the future. Thank you to all that have supported and prayed for us, it means so much to me to have such a wonderful group of friends and family. Here are a few pics from the day! Enjoy and keep your eyes open for 2010!!

Sweet Gracey came and played with Cy last night! Thank you so much sweet girl, we needed you!!!

And our wonderful friends the Pilkintons, always their to support us no matter what crazy thing it is!

Us at the Republi*can party last night waiting on the results!

The youngest poll worker that we could recruit! Thanks Will man!

Monday, November 3, 2008

What exactly is a Hair Wolf?

Not sure exactly what he is, but I think he is pretty darn cute!!! Here is my littlest spook posing for pics, ear infection and all! I think the hair gel may be in Colby's future!!

We got the little spooks around here ready on Friday night and hit up a few houses in our neighborhood before heading out to church for the Fall Festival. Here is my cowboy and hair wolf posing with Dad!

This cowboy was serious about his trick or treating! He loved it!! I wish I had captured our very first house, where he tried to give the lady at the door some of the candy out of his bag. He thought it was a swap! Man was he pumped when he figured out you do not have to give them anything in return!

And every cowboy needs a good lady by his side! Here was our sweet friend Sophie C. dressed in her finest cowgirl attire! So glad we got to hit up some of the Fall Festival with her!

Football Fun!

Last week my computer accidentally took a spill and will now only work when it is connected by the big yellow cord to the wireless box! BUMMER!
So I was not able to get in all of the great football shots I had from last week. The first pic is from Thursday nights game at Page. It was the last game of the regular season and a MUST win for any playoff hopes! The seniors lined the field and walked out on last time to the coin toss. Tuck is #87 and I think #2, Taylor, must be in front of the line leading the group? Can't seem to find him in my pics. They had a great game and a great VICTORY! So for the first time in quite some time, the Pats are headed to the playoffs. Good luck guys!
Then we have Code Blue! Last Monday night, Nate and I got a sitter and joined the fam for the Monday night Tit*ans game! Yes, it is about 75 outside today, but on that night I think it was around 40! That is okay we layered up and wore those big Code Blue shirts and had a blast!
Nate and I have the privilege of sitting one row behind the official Tit*an man! We get a kick out of him the entire game.

Here they are my Dad and brothers loving every moment of the game and the atmosphere. Yes since this game the Tit*ans are now 8 and 0, and Tuck celebrated his 100th consecutive home game for the team. He has never, ever missed one! Sorry, Dad for that 1 you did miss!!!!