Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Uncle Tuck!

Tuck, hope your 19th birthday is a blast! We love you and miss you!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall Break at the beach with Dad!

We headed to the beach for the second fall break in a row last weekend. We go with our cousins and a family that Nate knows from work. There are many many kiddos, but they have a blast the entire time. This year we arrived with the cold front. That did not stop this group from hitting the beach though.
We spent the first couple of days in our hoodies, but loved to feel the sunshine on our face.
Since ocean swimming was out this crew spent a lot of time in the "hot pool." It was mostly a guys thing.

Unlike last year, we had a special group of visitors staying close by. Nonni, Poppi, Uncle Gavin, Uncle Rich, Aunt Dane Dane and Baby Jade stayed one street over. We loved having them around to play with in the sand.
Nonni with her two "snack" buddies!

Mr. Sandman always up for a "cheese" smile, just so that he can see it in the camera afterwards.

Dad was not able to make the summer beach trip this year so we were so glad to have him this time. He spent a lot of time building castles, unfortunately most of the time they were destroyed in seconds of completion by all the kiddos.

Nate, Uncle Joe and Dr. K, were brave enough to do some snorkeling once the weather warmed up later in the week.

This sweet beach bum would play for hours in the sand with a few trucks and tractors to push around.

Cy loves his Dad and was so glad to have him around to play with on the beach.

2 of my most favorite guys in all the world! How blessed can one Mommy be!!!

Thanks to Aunt Court for letting us take a spin in this thing. All 3 boys thought it was great!

Eventually we were able to play without layers and the week was wonderful. Thanks Dad for working hard so that we can play hard!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

3 for 3

So its official........
3 pregnant friends......
3 days this week........
3 healthy baby Boy's!!!!!!

Welcome to the world Baby Andrew C., Baby Henry V., and Baby Boy Beasley (still waiting on his name!)

Congrats Friends!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy Wednesday

Last Wednesday he was in Michigan undergoing heart surgery. Today he is back home in Tenn. with a fixed heart and a smile on his face! God is good!

This is Colby's newest, silliest trick yet. Nate offers to give him a piece of candy as long as he closes his eyes and opens his mouth. Well most of the time he closes his eyes and his mouth.

He makes the strangest faces! Sweet boy and his need for candy!!!

Last Saturday we went to the "touch a truck" event. The boys liked it for the most part, but were not fans of all the horn blowing. Here I am with my two little firemen!

This year Cy painted a small truck of his own. They both love a good craft.

Colby's trip was complete once he scored a football and a sucker! He was in heaven.

Colby now has a new obsession with football. While most children want to wake up and watch cartoons, not this kiddo. He wants nothing more that football first thing in the morning. And sportscenter will not work, we need serious action folks!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

If you have just one minute....

Please take it and say a prayer for Jake White. He is currently in surgery to fix his heart. He is just a little older than my sweet Colby and I know his mom and dad are very nervous this morning. Here is the link to his moms blog Check on them today and keep lifting him up!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

a beautiful day at the cabin

We spent Saturday playing at the cabin with the fam. The weather was wonderful and the company was great. Cy flew his first kite.

Colby held his great grandparents captive with his pretend serving of lunch.
Uncle Clay and Kelly as always were super fun to have around.

Yummy hot dogs, cooked on a park grill, and smores to top it off. Poor g-dad trying to find some misplaced meds. Yuck to feeling bad, but so thankful to have them around.

His hard work paid off

He has patiently been waiting for fall to come. He has feed his animals well. He has grown special food plots for them. He has taken at least 500 pics of them. He has purchased, washed and rewashed his special clothes. He has taken so many showers that no trace of human scent could be left. Then he sprayed himself with something to hide any scent left. He was ready to go!!!!
AND HIS HARD WORK PAID OFF!!!!!! This creature is a true trophy in his eyes and in the eyes of several others. For any concerned the meat has been sent to a family that eats this kind of meat 5 nights a week. And the antlers will be mounted, just for that special spot at the cabin. We are still celebrating around here.

His cheering section gets their pic with him. They could not be more excited about joining him one day.

Congrats Dad! We love you!

Special Babies

Last week we celebrated Baby Andrew C. We had a great time just hanging and discussing important things like baby names. Thanks to all the girls that came and ...

to Baby Henry and Baby Beasley who both were also present that night. All three babies are going to come this month. We can't wait to meet them. We are praying for safe deliveries, healthy babies, and well adjusted siblings. Love you all!