Saturday, February 26, 2011


happy birthday sweet girl.....

red and yellow, black and white. they are precious in His sight. Jesus loves the little children........

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

sneaky little loves..

they steal my heart everyday

Friday, February 18, 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011

update for my super helpers

okay, so i never really got the "best" plan figured out for this sweet mom, but i was able to help with some grocery shopping and lunch items. thanks so much to those who donated! i am still trying to stay on top of the eating situation and unfortunately the housing situation is about to change so we will just see where that road leads!

i am planning to celebrate the sweet little ones 2nd birthday at the end of the month. i hope to take the cookies and maybe even buy my first ever set of 'dora' bday plates! this is the little girl that i am trying to help her mom with the food situation. i do not plan on bringing toys or elaborate gifts. however, i am going to collect any personal hygiene items you might have laying around. she needs a tooth brush, tooth paste, soap, and shampoo, maybe hair accessories? i don't want to overwhelm or make a show out of these items. these are just a few things that i know she needs and right now her mom is not able to buy these.

i love a good birthday and want this mom and daughter to have just a small idea of what celebrating a person can feel and look like! if you want to help, let me know! if not please join me in praying for these sweet girls as they try to face life in a slightly more challenging way.

happy birthday Pep!

today we had a wonderful birthday lunch with Pep. he is such a blessing to us all, we love you!!!


....we were able to you use that "snowmobile, batman, snowman thingy!"
the kiddos got it from nonni and pop this year from christmas, but last week's snow was the first time they busted it out. it was fun, but the best part was spending time with dad and the fam!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

i have had enough!!!

that was my comment to nate over the weekend. i could not handle any more of the attacks we were having each night right outside our home. you see every nite some creature was getting into our trash and having a grand ole time. trash was EVERYWHERE!!! that is just gross. so i told nate he needed to fix the problem asap. i did not care how, just do it. well here he is last night waiting for "the creature."
now here is "the creature" Thank you nate!!! this is why i married you!! :)

Happy Birthday Colby #3

Last friday we spent the entire day celebrating our sweet Colby. unlike his mom and big brother, colby gets to celebrate at school. which is huge in my, summer birthday, opinion. this year i sent football shaped oreos. they are a favorite of colby's. nate says that his cake "looks like his mom and dad made it," well we did! he didn't care!
his super sweet teacher made him a #3 tshirt which he wore very proudly. we really wore it all weekend, thanks ms. amber!!

friday morning we celebrated with a candle and cinnamon rolls. cy had asked to pick out a special gift for colby so he gave it to him that morning. they were both so proud. colby asked for a million random things for his bday, but a bike was one and that is what we got him. it is not exactly bike riding weather right now, but come spring i knew he would be dying for one. he was blessed with a very warm bday weekend, so he got some practice in already.

friday at lunch we had a few peeps over to grandmo's house to play. so much fun and so wild!! thanks pep for the awesome custom footballs. so cool! and grandmo for hosting the gathering.

colby LOVES panchos cheese dip so friday nite we had dinner there. wild times again, but so special for my littlest buddy. (side note is that colby was on day 4 of oral steroids, so he pretty much bounced off the walls all day, and part of the nite! YIKES)
it was a great day and so thankful to be the mom of such a sweet 3 year old!