Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sweet Cousins

Yesterday we went and ate lunch with a few of our sweet little cousins. Cy does not go to school on Tuesday's so we are always looking for fun adventures to go on. Livi and Aunt Sonya came over in the morning to get their car and visit with us. Livi had her 2 month birthday last week and is really begining to come alive. Cy loves her and calls her "Libi". We all met up with Courtney and Barron for some lunch at Moe's. Cy did have to make two unscheduled stops in the bathroom, b/c he just could not get it together when we first arrived. Courtney was minus her two big kids so that was a bummer for Cy.

I am posting some pics from easter of the three little cousins. Barron is a little bit older than the two little guys, but it won't be long until they can all play together. Livi and Colby rode on Poppi's bus last week together so I am including that picture. Sonya and Nate are about 6 weeks apart in age and Livi and Colby are 4 weeks apart. So much fun for all of us!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy 3 Month Birthday!

Yes, today is my little Colby's 3 month birthday. Thanks to my sweet sister in law Courtney I started a tradition of taking a picture each month on my childs birthday(until they turn one that is). So today I gave Colby a bath, put him in a blue outfit to show off his eyes, and tried to take his picture. Well that was easier said than done. You see, Big Brother Cy was not too keen on Colby getting to have his picture made with a sign. He actually was quite jealous of our photo session and kept trying to mess it up. He needed to hold his brother, or kiss his brother. All very sweet except that I had about 2 minutes to take this picture and the show of brotherly love was taking too long. So finally I put them in the chair together, took the picture and decided to move on. Maybe tomorrow I will try again while Cy naps and just pretend that I took it on the 28th. No one will ever know except all of you reading this!!

One more exciting news for the day: Nate is going to deliver the message this Sunday at the church in Leon, Nicaragua. Yeah!! He is a little stunned considering there are usually a couple hundred people in attendance. I think they requested him, b/c of his large size. Please pray for him, he is actually out jogging at the moment trying to collect his thoughts. We all know he will do great!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

I finally gave in and started a blog

Hello all of you in the blogging world. This is something that I have debated on for quite some time and have now given in. Since the dust has settled from our newest arrival and I am beginning to feel like a half way sane person again I thought I would give it a try. Most of you that will be reading this see us or talk to us on a daily basis, but for the rest, welcome to our world.

We have had a wonderfully eventful 2008 and I hope to spend my first few posting bringing everyone up to speed.

2008 brought us our second handsome little buddy, and what a sweetheart he is to his mom and dad. Things went a little crazy after Colby was born, considering that big brother broke his leg and got tubes in his ears all in the same three days!! We also welcomed two other friends in to our lives with the arrival of Livi Beasley and Lila Vaden in Feb. and March. The little guys are all 4 weeks apart so we look forward to posting pics each month as they grow up this first year.

2008 also kicked off the offical campaign for Poppi's ( Nate's dad's) Congressional race. He will be running this fall for the Congressional seat in the 4th district of TN. So far we have been in a parade full of mules and visited atleast 10 counties on a tour bus. Cy thinks all of this is the BEST!!

Well I am going to read all of this to Nate before I make my first offical post, but I hope this is the beginning of a wonderful relationship. Me and the blogging world that is!