Wednesday, July 21, 2010

a sweet kiss......

as i looked through the 90 pics from today's ordinary hero post, these were 87, 88, and 89....
there are no words for the tears as they fell when i saw these pics. just the sweet kiss i needed to help me this week. she is a mystery to me, but not to clay and dana anymore. i can't wait to hear about her. God is so good, ALL THE TIME!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

still no computer

so i stole a few.......
Dana serving bread in the Korah dump with the happiest of hearts! love you friend!

Clay being His hands and feet!

holiday world fun!

mom is helping hold me up these days!

the waterpark crew

so i borrowed some pics just to remember what was really going on in july! enjoy!

Saturday, July 10, 2010


so my computer is currently getting checked out which means NO PICS! so until then i will just have to give you the details of our crazy life!

last sunday, the 4th was my 30th birthday. it was great! i started off the week before by heading down to atl. for a quick shopping trip with my mom! she and nate handed over some cash and i hit h and m until it hurt. thanks guys!

then on friday night we did a very "surprise" dinner with some sweet friends. so fun!

sunday was great with church, the fam and just hanging out. very simple and low-key, just my style.

by monday, cy had officially decided mom's birthday was lasting too long and we needed to be done.

little did he know that on thursday we would head out once again to celebrate. the only request that i had for my 30th was that we went to a water park. well, off we went to splashin safari. it was GREAT! thanks to my parents, my brother and the walkers for helping me celebrate that day.

the week, give or take a few days, was great and i am so thankful for all that the Lord has blessed me with in my first 30 years!!

oh and yeah, bristol comes home tomorrow night. i can't wait to see her big brown eyes and very overwhelmed face. i mean b/c who doesn't sometimes get overwhelmed by this crew.

the pics of all of this will come!