Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy 1st Brithday Sweet Colby!

Today is Jan. the 28th, 2009 and Colby is now one!! I can not believe it. He is such a sweet little blessing to my life that I am amazed that one year has already flown by. Colby has come so far from that little guy that always just hung out in the corner to my big little boy that is always into something!!! Cy and I have had a blast today singing to him and watching him clap. He has LOVED hearing his song. He does however, have the worst cold in history, so this was a very snotty birthday for him.
Here is his super sweet and happy birthday face today in the bathtub. He is making his sly little grin for me.

We celebrated with a little gathering tonight and had a snowman themed party. This picture is just to show off his birthday "snowman" shirt!

After getting mad at his parents that he was not allowed to touch the candle, he quickly decided that cake is GOOD! This was a snowman cake made by special friend just for Colby to dive into! Thanks friend!!

I thought this was a sweet pic of Colby and Livi. They are 4 weeks to the day apart and she is just too cute for words! They are 2nd cousins and have great potential for getting into lots of things.

I feel so blessed today to get to celebrate Colby and his first birthday! Thank you Lord, for such an AMAZING gift!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I have been a little preoccupied...

Okay so I have been neglecting my blog friend a little bit here lately! I just happen to come across some books that have caught my attention and well I became obsessed. Briefly that is, or maybe I just do not currently own the next one in the series so until I do here are some pics to enjoy!!!
Below are Nate and the boys in his GIANT hole that he created from the stump he removed last week. Yeah for the stump removal, BOO for the hole right off my deck!! That is the stump still chained to the truck, which is how he managed to get it out.

Okay so the birthday is less than 4 days away but Mom could not wait any longer. Colby has never liked riding in the car, but is doing so much better now that he can sit up and see the world. So please don't report me, b/c if you do then you must drive Colby around from now on facing backwards!!

On Friday night we put on our best game faces and headed over to PHS for the Coming Home festivities! That is Tuck with his sweet date Sandy! Coming Home is the basketball version of Homecoming and the guys are the ones nominated! All of Tucks friends were involved so we had fun cheering them on!!

Then on Saturday night we had Nate back in town and we headed to the greatest show on earth! And man did it ever live up to its claim, we loved it! Cy liked any part that did not involve "the man with the big nose." Which means anytime the clowns were performing we had to sit in mom's lap with our eyes covered. However, Colby loved the lights and the animals. It was a great time!

We are looking forward to a great week of celebrating sweet Colby's first birthday! Hope to have lots of pics.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A little late, but I have to share!

So I am a little late posting this entry about Colby being 11 months old, but I have to get it in here fast! Because it is less than 2 weeks and my littlest buddy will turn 1. Yikes I am not sure I am ready for that. But I am having so much fun thinking about him and his sweet birthday. So enjoy the pics of my almost 1 year old!!

Not sure what the smile below is about, but I thought it was fun to show part of my new house as well!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Is it really gone??

What you may say? The passie as we call it at our house, or the pacifier as I think it is usually referred to. Cy was invited over the weekend to have a spend the night at his Nonni's house on Sat. night with this two big cousins! They had a blast and it was the first official spend the night just for fun. Well all went great and he was returned safely on Sun. morning. The problem was that his favorite night night and passie were not returned. I decided to take the plunge and see how it would go without the passie. I compromised and found our school night night and that worked fine. But I just plain fibbed and said that passie was at Non's and we were out of luck. Of course being a mom, I had a huge stash full of extras in the drawer, but this was an experiment people!! Amazing enough we have not gotten it back since. And we are all sleeping and napping peacefully again today. I had to warn the school teachers not to let it slip there, but he did fine they said. So much to the little bit of sadness in my heart, Cy has not had a passie in 3 days and he is okay with it. I am a little sad, b/c he is only 2 1/2 and we already sleep in a big bed, go potty like a big boy and now no passie! I just want to point out that Cy was not a casual passie friend! He LOVED the thing it stayed in his mouth the entire first year of preschool. So this is a big step for my little guy, or should I say my big brother, and I am proud of him. Now little brother and his thumb maybe a whole different story!!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas pics part 2

Again my pics are in backwards order, but they are not too hard to follow. Here is my group last Tuesday morning eating breakfast for the first time in our new house. We have a wonderful kitchen table from my parents, but no chairs so along with the missing sink, we are eating on the floor! I plan to take a few more fun pics of my new house when the mess calms down and I will post them soon! Anyway the rest of the pictures are from Christmas eve and Christmas day. Enjoy!
Here I am on Christmas day with my sweet Nanny. She is my mom's mother and is currently in the hospital. So please remember to say a prayer for her if you have a minute! She lives in Franklin so I try to take my rowdy crew by to see her when we can.

Here are the newest chefs at this 50's Diner. This was the way cool gift that the boys got from my mom and dad. They love playing with it and Colby thinks it is awesome to play with food. Considering it is one of his favorite things!

Here is Cy seeing his Santa gift for the first time! We are loving our train table and really enjoy bossing little brother out when he messes up the track!

Cy and Colby totally racked up at the Lankfords as well. Here Cy got a sit and spin, "spider man" style. Thanks to all the fam for the awesome gifts!

Christmas was wonderful this year. Nate took a couple of days off from working on the house and just spent time with us! That is really what the season is all about, spending time with those you love. Thanks so much to my parents for letting us crash for as long as we did.
We spent New Years just soaking up all that we had accomplished last year and all that we hoped for this year. So really that means we were in bed by 10! Thanks for hanging in there with me and my posts! Have a great week!

Christmas pics part 1

So now I get around to the Christmas pics. I have no clue why they are in backwards order or why everything I type is underlined!! Help! Anyway, here is Nate in his spiffy new Black Dog Market hat from Joey. We celebrated Christmas with the Lankfords on Christmas eve and had a blast! It is so fun for Cy to celebrate with his fun cousins.

Then on the 23rd we went with my family to see the Rockett*es at Opryland. We do this every year and decided that Cy was old enough to make the cut this time! Wow were we right, he had a blast and talked about his "special show" for days. He still gets excited if we talk about it! Thanks Grandma and Pepe for taking us!

And just for good measure I have to add one playgroup Christmas party shot! Yikes and where is Colby?

Here is my super sweet and very uphappy Gingerbread man! He was not a fan of the Little School performance of jingle bells this year! We can always hope for next year.

And here we were dressed in our finest tacky attire headed to the Walker xmas party! All of Nate's outfit came from the ladies dept. at Wal*mart! Those poor pants~

Pic update before Christmas!

Hello again to the few blog followers that I still have out there. We are now offically residents of The Grove! Last Monday night was our first night in our new house and it was great! I am still trying to unpack boxes and find places for everything, but I love my new "farm house." Nate is currently trying to hook up my kitchen sink and dishwasher, yes today is Sunday, but I think he almost has it!! I wanted to spend a couple blogs just updating with pics from the last 5 or 6 weeks. So here are some in backwards order:

Colby getting his first offical haircut. I made him wait until 10 months, but poor Cy was only about 7 months old! They just have crazy side wings.

Then in Dec. we celebrated my mom's birthday with the fam at her favorite, PF Changs. It was a great time had by all! Here I am with my two younger brothers, Tuck has his acceptance letter and he will be attending UT in the fall. Congrats!

Here is my sweet Colby getting ready to have his tubes put into his tiny ears. The Dr said that in all his time he has NEVER put tubes in ears that physically small. He had to have special tools brought in! Oh well, Colby did great and no ear infections so far.

Move out day! Here we are in front of our old house leaving for the last time! I have yet to go back and drive by, I am sure I will though.

Lastly here is my littlest Thanksgiving Turkey! He loves to eat so Thanksgiving will always be a fav for him! Obviously this pic was pre-haircut. I miss the shag!