Sunday, July 26, 2009

I am blessed!

We are so blessed to have a wonderful Sunday school class, and such a wonderful church family. Last Sunday afternoon, we hosted our class cook-out. It was at the creek and everyone came(60+)! It was awesome and the food was fantastic! I have a couple of pics, but not sure how everyone feels about being on a blog. So not going to post any right now, but if I get permission I will later. I am so thankful that Nate invited everyone over and love that I am now able to be a part of the group.
Also this week we attended VBS!!! Again no pics, b/c my two never really felt up for smiling in the mornings. Cy was able to go to big kid VBS since I was there. He loved day 5, it just took him the first 4 to warm up to it! Thank you to all the sweet friends that checked on him for me and encouraged him along the way. I was over in childcare command central! Colby and about 80 other kiddos, that had parents serving , were being loved on by the childcare workers. It was a great job to have and I worked with some super fab women. Not being the social bee that my hubby is, it was a great week for me to meet more people and love on their kids. Thanks Sumer and Ashley for letting me be part of the team. I am so blessed to be a part of something so much bigger than myself! Like PT said this morning, my role may have been small, but if I was able to entertain one 2-year old while their mom or dad helped one 8 -year old accept the Lord then my job was greater than I will ever understand! I am blessed!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Family vacation Watson style

The boys and I spent the last couple of days with my family at the beach. We missed Nate, but had a blast with Grandma, Pep, Uncle Tuck, Uncle Clay and Kelly. The boys played in the sand, swam like fish in the pool and got lots of attention. I loved spending the time with my fam and miss the beach already!

Colby and his Pep taking a walk along the pier at Dewey's.
Colby cheering for himself each time he dumped sand in the bucket? Yeah for Colby!

My sweet big brother playing in the sand, he loved covering his uncles toes in the sand!
Grandmo, as she is so sweetly called by Cy, is a wonderful beach friend. She does not care how much sand she gets in her suit, she just likes to play!
Thanks for such a fun trip guys!!!

Fountain Fun and a special birthday!

We hit up the Bicentennial Mall about a week ago, for our 3rd attempt to play in the water. This time it worked and we had a blast! Thanks to our cousins for playing with us and making some many days this summer, so much fun!

We also celebrated a special 84th birthday last week. This was the beautiful card that originally said "Happy Birthday Grandad," that is until Cy decorated it!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Birthday Weekend

This weekend we celebrated my birthday and it was wonderful!! My boys, my family, and my friends made me feel so loved! Thank you all.

Here is my group at the fireworks, bummer that we only caught the finale. Cy loved it anyway.

As Nate would say, this was my "inner circle," I just think these are my friends that we brave enough to celebrate a holiday with soooo many kids!!

My big boys suprised me with my favorite breakfast and sweet cards. Colby suprised me by letting me sleep in!

Cy has talked for weeks about making my birthday cake. Here they are mixing up our yummy birthday cookies. Mom definently ended up decorating them, but hey it was the thought that counts!

Thank you to my mom and dad for helping so much by hosting the gang and making the ice cream and cupcakes!
We then spent Sunday celebrating Uncle Drason and his 30th. It was a great birthday weekend.

Lankford family vacation

Last week we packed in to several cars and took off for another great week of Lankford family vacation. This year we headed over to the mountains of South Carolina for a different sort of vacation. There would not be lots of shopping, eating out, or an ocean to entertain us. Despite this we took on the challenge of entertaining 9 adults and 6 kiddos with all sorts of activities. It was a wonderful week to spend with family and let my guys play with their cousins. Best of all, we spent 7 straight days with DAD! So much fun!! Here are just a couple of pics from the week.

Here are Dad and Colby(little Batman) standing outside of the football stadium at Clemson Univ.
A family pic in front of Nate's favorite tree on the Clemson campus. He loves to talk about it, just ask him!

We visited a beautiful chapel where Colby stopped for a minute to thank the Lord, for his most recent "NACK"(snack).

Cy may not be the bravest of all his cousins, but he did attempt a couple of the fun rock slides that we came across. We visited several state parks and did lots of hiking.

A huge highlight for Cy and his Dad was the "speeder boat" ride that they went on during our boating day. They loved and Cy is still talking about putting the "hammer down."

The New York "Post"

So I am a little late on all that has been happening around here. We had a super busy June and July is getting started with a bang. I felt like I had a few more pics to share from our NYC trip so here are a couple more highlights!
Lounging, late night, in the folding chairs right in the middle of Times*Square. This just started sometime in May and really people sat in chairs all day in the middle of the street! Nate loved people watching!!

Another late night activity....giant ice cream treats from Serendipity 3. So much fun and well worth the wait even at midnight!
Had to make time for a stop at Lady *Liberty, this is one of Pep's favorite sights in NY.

Nate's first time in a NY subway. The train was coming up right behind us and he was not expecting it!! A true look of surprise!

No trip to the big city is complete with out a piece of Ray's pizza. Nate was very pleased with his slice.
We also did lots of shopping, and sightseeing. The guys left us for one full day and went to the U.S. Open(the golf tourney.) We had a blast and thanks to Non and Pop for entertaining our little guys.