Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009- Santa

The big night was finally here and we all couldn't wait! We read our Christmas books, set out our cookies, fed the reindeer, and wrote Santa a little note. Santa blessed us all in wonderful ways!

Reindeer Snack!

Santa's cookies (behind Cy) and our special note!
Check out the shaving kits! Probably taken 2 baths a day since we got them.

Go Titans!

Future Chris Johns*on!

A batman cave and many other boy treasures!

Christmas 2009- Lankford Family

Christmas Eve we headed over to Poppi's house for some yummy dinner and fun presents! We had a blast hanging out with some of our most favorite people and remembering how we have been blessed so much this year.

Not sure who was more excited about the motorized boom booms, Colby and Barron, or Uncle Gavin! So fun!

Sweet big boys! Brax is one of Cy's favorite friends and Brax is so sweet to let him always tag along!

Probably won't be able to take this pic next year so it will have to last for a while! Wonderful Sis-in-laws!

The Goof troop! Jade had not arrived yet when we preformed this stunt. We love our cousins.

One of the sweetest pics from this Christmas. These two are too cute.

Christmas 2009- Watson Family

This was a big Christmas for the Watson family. It was the first time I had not spent the night at my parents home on Christmas Eve. Also only 1 of my 5 living grandparents joined us for Christmas lunch. It was also the first time we gave sibling gifts before Christmas Day. Overall, I thought things went great and we established a few new traditions.
We headed over to my parents house Thursday morning for a yummy pancake breakfast and gifts from all the siblings. Then we stopped back by that evening to get presents from my Dad's parents. We had already done gifts from my Mom's mom the weekend before.
The next morning my parents and brothers came by to see our Santa treasures before we all went back to open gifts from my parents. Lots of back and forth, but no stress and we wore our pj's the entire time!

MoMo and Pep spoiled us all! Thank you!
Thursday nite with Grandad and Grandmom

Thursday morning breakfast in our PJ's
Papa Jr is the only grandparent that made Christmas lunch. Colby loves him some Papa Jr!

Not afraid to spread the Christmas love, here is Colby saying "thank you" to Nanny for his new movie.

Another great year, our first one in this house with so many fun memories.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Birthday Pics!

Happy Birthday again Mom! We love you and hope your day was great!

Oh and thanks Mom for the fun new hair cut!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today we spent the day celebrating my mom's birthday! It was great! I went to the Titans' game with the fam and then had a fun dinner at Changs. I took a couple of really cute pics, but I will have to post those tomorrow. Mom, thanks for being so wonderful to ALL of us kiddos! You are an amazing woman, that loves and gives us way too much. We all love you, Grandmo or MoMo, which ever you prefer!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A date night and a 40th b-day!

Saturday night Nate and I had a date night to our good buddy Nick's 40th bday! Bec had planned the surprise party months ago at a fun restaurant in Franklin. We had a great time visiting with old friends and meeting new ones. Oh and the cake was so yummy, how can you go wrong with chocolate chocolate chip.

Jingle all the way.....

This crew bundled up and did the Jingle Bell Run 5K on Saturday. This run benefits the Arthritis Foundation and we had a blast. We ran in honor of our MoMo and sweet friend Beth! Next year our crew needs to grow!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Its not even Dec. yet.....

but I don't care! We have not had our tree up in 2 years, b/c of selling our house and remodeling this one, and I was ready to put her up! So we spent all afternoon yesterday hanging lights outside and putting up our tree. I love it and the boys seem to be sooooo excited. Oh and the tree totally spins!!! So retro, or something?!? We are totally in the spirit around here and can't wait to celebrate with all our friends and family.

Check out Felix, he made his big debut this morning. Cy is still thinking him over!

Cheers to you and hope you too will remember the true reason for the season!!

Happy Turkey Day!

Hope everyone had a very Happy Turkey Day! We celebrated the day starting on Wednesday. That day I loaded up the boys with Grandma and Tuck and headed to New J-ville. This is where my mom is from, and we all needed to go for a visit. So we took our ham and turkey to my Nanny's house and ate with several of my cousins. We have not gotten to do this many Thanksgivings, so it was a special treat for us all. Then on Wed. night we went to check on Non and Pop. We made the CUTEST turkeys with Nonni and had fun hanging with them.

Then on Thursday we headed to Pep's to eat with most of his crew. My other grandfather made the drive from New Jville, and several of my cousins came as well. This side of my family just keeps growing. This year we added a little girl, she is the first great granddaughter on this side. I am the only granddaughter. Girls seem to be few and far between with this group.

Here are Nate and my Dad's mom and Mom's dad!

All the great grand kiddos!
Clay and Kelly with my Dad's dad!

The food was yummy and the nap later was great! Had to get ready for my shopping day on Friday.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Family Fun

Last night we left Colby with "MoMo and Pep," to hang with the big people in the Lankford family. Cy has only been to a couple of movies at the theater, but we decided he needed to brave this one with us. It was the new Christmas Carol* and it was great. Yes it was pretty scary but not when you sit in your mom's lap, don't wear your 3D glasses and take one looong trip to get drinks. Cy thought it was fine, and we were not up all night worried about ghosts. It was great to hang with just him and the other big cousins. Cy had to pull a 3year old moment in the pic below, but other than that he did great. Check out Pop's reflective glasses!!! Yeah to the start of this wonderful season.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

This calls for a celebration!!!!!

Nate experienced a very special moment with "Big Red" this week! I have no words to say...he and Uncle Rich captured it all in these pics.

So here is to another 100,000. Oh I really do live with 3 boys!!!

Bye, bye leaves.....

Yesterday we spent the better part of about 4 hours removing the leaves from our front yard. Oh I want to mention that Nate and Colby were at Home*Depot for 2 of those hours! NO COMMENT!! Anyway we had a blast in the leaves while they were here. The leaves were a source of entertainment for all the friends we had to play and just for Cy and Colby to run, jump and drive through each afternoon. So until next fall, bye bye leaves.... Enjoy the pics!

Really why do you pick your nose sooo much when you are 3?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Say Cheese............

One day last week, Cy decided that he wanted to take some pics. Well they started out a little rough but after a couple he seemed to have a hang of it. It was fun until brotherly love got in the way and they fought over the camera. Oh well!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I'm here, I'm Blessed and I'm Loved!

Thank you to all that have loved on me these last week! I am so blessed to have such incredible people in my life. My family ROCKS! And my friends are so willing to hug, cook, pray and listen!
You never know what your day will hold, but I am learning to remember Who is there to hold me each day!

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding." Prov. 3:5

Thanks again.....

Super Heroes in PJ's!

So their mom dressed them in super cute, super comfy, so not super scary, Super Hero costumes! They loved it and hey it worked! Here are my super dudes, all decked out for several Halloween festivities!

Super Ready for School Parties!
Super fun at the TSC Fall Festival!
Super jumping with a great buddy!

Super silly with a cast of cousins!

Super serious "trick or treating!"

Super proud mom of her little heroes!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Uncle Tuck!

Tuck, hope your 19th birthday is a blast! We love you and miss you!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall Break at the beach with Dad!

We headed to the beach for the second fall break in a row last weekend. We go with our cousins and a family that Nate knows from work. There are many many kiddos, but they have a blast the entire time. This year we arrived with the cold front. That did not stop this group from hitting the beach though.
We spent the first couple of days in our hoodies, but loved to feel the sunshine on our face.
Since ocean swimming was out this crew spent a lot of time in the "hot pool." It was mostly a guys thing.

Unlike last year, we had a special group of visitors staying close by. Nonni, Poppi, Uncle Gavin, Uncle Rich, Aunt Dane Dane and Baby Jade stayed one street over. We loved having them around to play with in the sand.
Nonni with her two "snack" buddies!

Mr. Sandman always up for a "cheese" smile, just so that he can see it in the camera afterwards.

Dad was not able to make the summer beach trip this year so we were so glad to have him this time. He spent a lot of time building castles, unfortunately most of the time they were destroyed in seconds of completion by all the kiddos.

Nate, Uncle Joe and Dr. K, were brave enough to do some snorkeling once the weather warmed up later in the week.

This sweet beach bum would play for hours in the sand with a few trucks and tractors to push around.

Cy loves his Dad and was so glad to have him around to play with on the beach.

2 of my most favorite guys in all the world! How blessed can one Mommy be!!!

Thanks to Aunt Court for letting us take a spin in this thing. All 3 boys thought it was great!

Eventually we were able to play without layers and the week was wonderful. Thanks Dad for working hard so that we can play hard!!