Sunday, November 27, 2011

it is almost time...

2 weeks and 1 day until we meet our PINK surprise.....please join us in praying for the health of our baby, a smooth delivery for our birthmother, an amazing PEACE that only the Lord can provide for Nate and I, and a period of simple transition for our boys and all our family! thank you for walking this journey with us.....

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

catch beach trip

as a lankford boy you never know what your day might hold. on a random monday i got a call from dana and nonni saying they were going to be beach bound the next day. were we interested? YEP! so off we went, 5 days of sun, fun and hanging! thanks for inviting us girls!

the kitchen staff was a little scary
hope one of our last pics without little sis

oh how i love these two

a true beach bum

he sat in this hole for hours each day, oh the imagination

fall picture update....halloween

this is the first of a couple of catch up posts.....
halloween came and went, but we had fun saving the world as turtles. aunt dana had a costume party and i was not about to show up as a party pooper. soooo i went as a sweetheart twirler, when i was in about 2nd grade my mom had a little baton twirling group. we were the sweetheart twirlers and i busted my very large sweatshirt back out! random, but fun!
cy and a special cupcake at the fall festival

all the ladies at the costume party

trick or treat......