Wednesday, October 20, 2010

a hero adventure.....

to show our support for all the ordinary heroes in our lives we attended the big fallapalooza celebration. it was fun to celebrate the super cool ordinary heroes in our lives and even listen to uncle clay talk about how his life changed this summer in africa. heroic adventures seem to be all around us these days, some closer than others!!!

a pumpkin adventure......

a couple of weekends ago we called our troops together for one Orange saturday adventure. none of us thought the cousins would still be here this fall, but since they are we were ready to make a few more Tennessee fall memories with them. after a yummy breakfast at the Barrel, we were headed to the patch. all boys in our car, of course!!!

the boys briefly cheesed while we waited on the rest of our peeps!
wow these 2 are a mess, gum and all!! we will be so ready to have the bear back with us!!!

this sweet pumpkin is still going to be here with us!! thank goodness! oh and that new pumpkin arriving next spring at her house will help keep us all distracted some what.

the crew with their pop and non.... lankford silliness at its best.

we head home thinking about the day of memories we made and know that their will be more to come in the future.....

a baby adventure.....

ten- four, baby Nathan has finally arrived!

yes on 10-04-2010, Nathan Alan Baldwin finally made his debut. he is the new son of some very dear friends. as we waited into the night for him to come it was a wonderful adventure to see a friend from the 6th grade finally become the mom she had patiently waited to be. babies are a miracle from the Lord and always create their own adventures in getting here!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

the adventure series....

october has been full of adventure in our house. some BIG, some small, some New, and some that we will treasure in our hearts forever!

the month is not over yet, and we still have several more adventures to participate in and watch from the sides on.

just trying to live each day to its fullest is an adventure in itself!!!

although this adventure just happened yesterday it might win for largest in SIZE.... all 8 feet and 400 lbs of it. thankfully they were fishing in the waters with this guy and not swimming!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

so excited.....

about all the fun baby treasures i have received for my teen moms. yesterday i was able to take a toddler car seat to a little girl. she was about 15 months old and still riding in her baby carrier, and nothing some of the time. not any more!!!! she was so proud and so was her mama. i can't wait to deliver my goodies next week. if you still have anything to add PLEASE just let me know and i will get it from you. thanks so much!

oh and if you can't get it this time, start saving for christmas time!!