Friday, August 29, 2008

Fav Fotos Friday

Hut! Hut! Look at my two big boys playing in the house!

Happy 7 Months Colby! I can't believe it!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wordless Wednesday...Aunt Dana is a pro!

I tried forever to get my man to give it up on Friday night at the game. But like every baby in the world he just needed a little of the Aunt Dana touch and he was out! Thanks Aunt Dane Dane!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

No Mom you go sit over there!!

Last night was the first big game for the Page High Patriots!! We couldn't be more excited around here. Cy and Colby have 2 uncles that play on the team and they are both Seniors, so this is our last year of high school football for a while and we intend to have a blast!
Last night was Senior Night, so here is a picture of my dad, mom and little brother Tuck being introduced on to the field. Tuck is actually suffering from a concussion that occurred earlier in the week so he did not get to play in the home opener last night. He did look really cool though standing on the sidelines, sipping his water like it was just a calm game of checkers he was watching though!!

I could not resist posting this pic, b/c this proves I really do have 1 sweet little niece! She leads the charge with all the boys, but does enjoy her girls occasionally!

Here were my big boys getting ready for the game to start. Cy was so excited he just did not know what to do next!

Colby was such a great trooper and made it all the way in to the 4th quarter before he started to fuss and get tired. Here he is with his Pep having a ball. He is such a ham and did a great job entertaining the ladies sitting around us!

The title of the post comes from this picture. Cy loved EVERYTHING about the game. He was cheering with his Non when he told me to "go sit over there." I was obviously cramping his grandparent style. He was up, down and all around those bleachers and loved that someone was always giving him lots of "tandy" to eat and Sprite to drink.

Here are the 4 Lankford Boys with great ol' bro-in-law Rich after the big victory!! With the help of #2 the Patriots came back from 16-0 at the half to win 30-16!!

Here was a pic I thought was too cute to pass up. Even though he missed this game, we wore our #87 shirts proud and can't wait to cheer him on next week!

Court also has more really cute pics on her page so make sure you check them out there as well!
What a fun night it was and it was just the first game. If you are up for a wild Friday night, come and join the Lankford clan for a Page game. We promise to keep you entertained!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

A few firsts this weekend!

Colby is now doing really great at sitting up and actually is able to tolerate it for longer than 5 seconds. He still prefers to lay on his tummy and try to go places, but I am not encouraging that too much! This weekend we put our house back on the market. This brings me to my first, "first" of the weekend. Yes that is Cy standing in the window sill high up in the air cleaning the window. When I handed the Windex to Nate and asked him to clean the top part of the window, with the ladder sitting right there in the garage, this is what I got. Nothing should surprise you around here though! He took his window cleaning assignment very seriously and the bird poo is now gone!

Next we have Colby eating Puffs for the "first" time ever. We (actually his father again) bummed some puffs from our cousin Barron and tried them on Saturday night. Wow did we chew like we were something special. I am actually really glad that we can do these now, so that I have something to keep him occupied during our meals.

Then we have the "first" sink bath that my two have taken together. This is the first bath Colby has had actually sitting up. He was much more up for it than his cautious brother who was not too sure about bathing in Nonni's sink! If only I had a sink this large, it was a great way to get everyone clean with out having to bend over the side of the tub the entire time!

And today was our "first" time to let Colby drive the buggy with his big brother. It worked great, except for the couple of times I took off to fast and sent Colby flying backwards! OOPS!! Cy actually stayed in the cart longer since he was showing his little brother the ropes of driving in Publix!

Friday, August 15, 2008


Okay Moms, I need a little help. I hope to get Cy a big boy bed in the very near future, but have no clue where to look for one. I need one that will hold up with the wild "boys"(including Nate) that I have around here, but that is not too expensive. I just want to get him a cute little twin bed. Also where should I look for fun, boy bedding. I mean the girl stuff out there is so stinking cute, but their has to be something for little guys. Please send me any suggestions or ideas. I do not want it all to match, but some cute cars, trucks, boats, or other boy things will work! Thanks so much!!

Fave Foto Friday

I love my boys!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

This will have to do for now!

Okay so as my last post explained, I have been trying to stay in the "cool" blogging crowd and have a fun, cute background. Well I had a small attack yesterday when I thought I lost everything and decided that I have never been cool, why start now!! But after reading the directions a little better today I did make this happen, so it will work for now.
This has been a super great week around here. As most of you know, we welcomed Sweet Caroline Pilkinton into the world on Monday. This is actually a very big deal to our family, because she and Colby are now all set to be married one day. She is adorable and their are lots of sweet pics on Amanda's blog!
I do not have any pics of Caroline, since I have been battling a cold and have not held her yet. Once she is home and I am germ free, I plan to take a pic of the betrothed couple soon! Here are some pics that I have taken this week. Colby is being forced to sit up. He really can do it, but actually hates it! He wants to lay back, flip over and go. Sitting is really too confining for him at the moment. Yikes for his mom.

Here are two pictures that are documenting something that had NEVER happened around here before. Both boys napped for over 2 hours yesterday afternoon. WOW!! Is all that I can say, it was wonderful and maybe they will continue to give mom a few more afternoons like this soon.

We are about to put our house back on the market again, so please keep us in your prayers as we wait patiently to see what the Lord has in store for us in this crazy housing market!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


this is not a serious cry for help. i just tried to change my background yesterday and lost everything. so all i could get to work was Help. hopefully during naps today i can fix my problems.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Victory on Thursday and Adventures on Friday!

Thursday was a big day for the Lankford family. It was the first step to getting Poppi elected as a US Congressman. The victory was super exciting and we are so proud of him. Here is Nate at the polls all day giving his all for his dad!
This was the early morning attitude shot!

Here we are after lunch!

By the time the polls closed Nate was a little tired. Considering he only had 60 people vote at his stop all day! That is way less than the normal amount of people my husband talks to in a single morning, most days!! He did have fun and we are so looking forward to what the next few months will hold for this family!

On Friday, Court and I took the kids on a little adventure! Bri will start 1st grade next week, so we wanted to spend sometime playing with her before she was back in school. We loaded everyone up and headed downtown Nashville to the Bicentennial Mall. Now Courtney and I usually are really good planners. She checked the Internet to make sure we were good to go. Well, unfortunately they forgot to mention the fountains were broken and the repair date was "unknown"! Yuck!! So we did not get to play, but we did take a couple of really cute pics. We ended up heading over to Centennial Park to play and have snow cones. It was a blast and the weather was incredible!
Enjoy the pics of the sweet cousins! They are so much fun to have in our lives!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

While Mom is away the boys will play!!

So for the last two evenings my boys have braved the fair while mom worked with the pageant. I had a blast and so did the boys. Last night I was told that at one point Nate left to take Cy to the restroom and a kind elderly couple watched Colby nearby. This is fine except that Nate did not know the kind elderly couple. Yikes is all I can say. Tonight the boys rode horses?? Both of them riding the same horse, by themselves. And Nate took a pic to prove it! What??!! Thankfully the pageants are over and I will now be around to keep one eye on this crazy group that I live with everyday!!
Cy please hold on to your brother!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Colby update

Okay for those of you that saw my man at church yesterday morning, he looked and felt pretty rough. Here is how our afternoon and evening went yesterday with my sweet buddy. Colby had been running a fever since Wednesday afternoon, that we first thought came from his 6 month shots. Well by yesterday afternoon when it was still almost 103 I finally called. I had called on Thursday afternoon, but they told me to just wait and see. This time when I called they wanted us to come in. So I took Colby to see wonderful Dr. C yesterday around 2:30. Two hours later, and one failed catheter attempt later, we were off to Vandy ER. They could not figure out why my man was running the temp and had such a high WBC count. So around 5, Nate, Colby and I arrived at the ER to settle in for a long night!! They did the chest xray, as well as 2,yes 2, more catheter attempts before finally getting any results. I can honestly say I have now prayed for my child to urinate. That part was the worst of the entire experience. After 4 hours they sent us home with strict orders to go back to our ped. in the morning to check us out again. Their diagnosis was virus. Thank goodness really! So I took Colby back this morning to see Dr. B and over night we managed to get an ear infection. This is really good news, b/c it can be treated and we should start to feel better soon. Dr. B was still a little concerned about a possible bladder infection, so we will wait a couple more days to see if that turns up. We are praying that it does not, b/c that will probably not be the best case scenario. But for now, sweet Colby is sleeping off his cold virus and his ear infection. I am a very happy and tired mom!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

August means it is time for the Fair!!!

We decided to kick the month of August off with a bang around here at the Lankford house. Two years ago we walked in the Fair 5K and decided to give it another try this morning. Well new year, new course, and new kid to push added for a little more challenge this morning. Nate was so sweet to help me by pushing BOTH boys up the giant hill at the end of the course. I was convinced I was going to die at that point. It was tons of fun and check out the Pilkinton blog to see more pics of us before we started the race and looked a little more refreshed. My mom and I had decided a couple of weeks ago that we would match at the race so here we are in the latest sportswear line from Target! Go Us!!

I will say that our outfits must have brought us good luck, Mom won 1st in her division. Dad pulled out a 3rd place victory as well! Hey and Nate and I both finished 3rd in ours. We will not mention out of how many. All that matters was that they announced our names over the loud speaker. Again, Go Us!!

The boys did a great job riding and we rewarded Cy with a little time at the fair. We let him ride a horse that he really did enjoy, surprising for Cy if you know him that well!

Then over to the Little 1's Farming area where Cy loved everything about it! Especially the ice cream treat at the end. We will have to go back again before the week is over.

Unfortunately for my sweet Colby he is again running a fever, which I now do not think is related to his shots from earlier this week. He hung in the best he could, but man was it hot on a little sick guy!! Stay tune for more fair updates, Mom and I will start helping with the pageants tomorrow afternoon. That is a highlight for us both!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Cheesecake Fun

So on Wednesday night we loaded up "Stella", Courtney's car and headed for Green Hills. Ashley W. had invited us all to go the $1.50 Cheesecake Nite with her at the Cheesecake Factory. I had a blast and even though we did wait 3 hours for our cheesecake, I enjoyed hanging out with the girls and window shopping. We did spend a little time in sephora which is always fun.
Here are my two WONDERFUL sister in laws, Dana and Court smiling for my camera!

And here are my sweet friends, Emily, Ashley W., Amanda, and Lila was there you just can't see her.

Here were Hayley and I anxiously awaiting our yummy cheesecake. Oh and Yeah for Hayley's fun news!!

This was all that remained at 10 when we were finally done eating our cheesecake. Ashley W. NEVER misses any opportunity to take leftovers home. She HATES to see anything go to waste!!

This was all of us at the end of the night. I was stuffed and full of joy having spent a few hours with my sweet friends.