Friday, July 15, 2011

random july pics using my new camera lens!!!

i had a great birthday weekend and love my new lens.... not totally sure how to make it work best, but i am really practicing! enjoy the pics

Sunday, July 3, 2011

a happy birthday surprise.....

i love a good birthday celebration...i love celebrating my family, my friends and really anyone that has a birthday! so i was sooo excited to come home tonite to find a few of my sweetest peeps ready to help me celebrate. my way to precious mom, gathered the troops for just a little snacking, competing and lots of RANDOM conversations!!! it was so special!

surprise we are here!!!!!
lets eat.....RIBS, yay!

just a friendly "noncompetitive" scavenger hunt

poor random girl at sonic*, she was an alabama fan and did not want to wear this jersey.....we did not care!!!

our w*almart "first date" items....ours were pg rated, i will not comment on the other groups items....they were not blog friendly, hehe

up close and personal with the WINNING TEAM

always fun to have a random house stop on any scavenger hunt....clay and his friends thought they were having a nice quiet dinner, (side note, ash is pretty much begging at this point for some water and a potty break.....did NOT happen!)

despite a good effort, the *braves were not victorious this time.....

fun friends, that can discuss everything from nursing babies to quoting scripture.....

showing off a special gift that contains the sweet name of miss hadley, oooohhh the girl fun that is in my near future......