Wednesday, July 30, 2008

6 months and going strong!

Today we went for our 6 month and 2 year check up with the boys. Cy is actually a little over 2, but I wanted to wait and knock them out on the same day. So I loaded everyone up and off we went. Cy is not a big fan of going to the dr, but we managed. The boys both received wonderful reports and are both right on track in every way! What a wonderful blessing!!! "Big Country" has actually slimmed down and streched out quite a bit. He is still in the 50% in weight but is in th 90% for height. Cy on the other hand is only in the 40th for weight and 75th for height. My two long and lean guys! I am so thankful for their good reports and the good dr. that we are able to take them to visit.

Here is our 6 month birthday pic and a little Mom and Cy love!! Enjoy!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Friday Fun with lots of cousins!

Today is actually Colby's 6 month birthday, but I have yet to make the picture so that will have to come later. I would love to be able to make his picture with the newest Pilkinton baby if it would hurry up and come!! Colby can't wait to meet his newest buddy!

We ended the week playing with all of our cousins. Sweet Livi came over and hung out with us on Thursday afternoon, and I could not resist taking their pic. They are just too cute to watch. She and Colby are sure to be best buds.

Then on Friday we went out to Court's to let the kids play with another set of cousins. Tyler is actually Court's nephew, so he is considered a cousin to most of this group. Also Zade and Zander are 2nd cousins to all the wild Lankford group as well as Livi. I would try to explain, but most of you that read this understand how everyone is connected, so I will not go in to details.

Then on Friday night Nate and Joey gathered up the troops for a fun evening out at the land. Again more time to play with cousins. Cy loves his big cousin Briley and she is so sweet to let him tag along. She is a true animal lover so here they are catching, and of course releasing some type of swimming creature!

And even though she is not really a cousin, Colby and Livi love playing with Lila V. We can consider her a cousin for now, that is until one of the boys in our group decides she is too cute to be called that, and then we will just have to call her our friend.

We had a great weekend, campaigning on Saturday and cleaning up around the house yesterday!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A little bluegrass on a Saturday nite!

This is sweet Caleb, keep reading to see where he fits in!! So I am a little late posting this entry, but as usual I have been very busy playing cars and "farmer in the dell" around here. On Saturday night we went with some of our friends and family out to the Bethesda Market for some yummy food and music fun. The Pilkintons invited us all and it was a blast. My sweet and very laid back Colby did not enjoy it as much, but he managed. Below is a pic of him watching the big kids dance around to the bluegrass music. I am trying to load a video of Cy dancing with his cousins, so check it out at the bottom (if it ever works)! We had a great time and hope to do it again soon! Today we had a very special time at the swimming pool with two of my fellow Deltas from college. My boys and I invited the Allen gang and the newest Wilson to come for a swim. Courtney has two little ones and is expecting another sometime in November. While Brooke just had her first a couple of months ago. Cy likes to play with Paxton and Caitlin whenever he gets a chance. Pax likes trains, which is huge in Cy's world and Caitlin is one month to the day younger than Cy so they do great playing together. Little Caleb just chilled by the pool with Colby, and did great with his first offical dip in a pool! It was fun to hang out with the girls and catch up. Hopefully we can get together a little more often! Enjoy the pics and sorry they are all out of order!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Chuckie Cheese and the great outdoors!

We ended the week with two very fun and special nights. On Thursday we took the gang to Chuckie Cheese to play with our friends, Jesse, Amanda and Will P. We are trying to fit in a few little activities with that gang before their newest member arrives and they are a little busy for a while. It was super fun and Cy did so much better riding the rides. He jumped up on the horse like a pro and rode "Bob the Builder" until he could not be ridden any more! He had a great time and of course his father did too! We can't wait to go back with the newest Pilkinton in tow. Here are a couple of pics of Cy being the big 2 year old that he is these days!!

Then last night Grandma and I loaded everyone up and headed down to the cabin to meet Nate and Pepe! The Cabin was built on the land that my grandparents have given to my dad and brothers. They have spent the last year building it and it really is a fun place to visit. Oh it will be more fun on days when the temps are not in the 90's for sure. We took a big bucket of chicken down for the grandparents and workers and played on the farm for a little while. Cy thinks it is great and Colby enjoyed rocking and swinging with his grandma and great grandparents. I know that the boys will grow up loving that place and will explore every acre of it before too long!

Today Nate and Uncle Joey decided to take all the big kids to the Outdoor show at the Ag Center. I immediatly called Courtney and asked what fun thing she and I could do with just the two little guys. We decided on the mall and lunch so off we went. Well, an hour into it we got the call. "Could we come and pick up the kiddos in an hour or so? They were just not enjoying the sit down sessions on turkey calling!?!?" was the word from their dads. So our mall trip was cut short and I got to go pick up a very grumpy 2 year old. Oh well, it was a good thought by the dads maybe next time the kids will like it a little better, or Courtney and I will just accidently leave our phones at home? Which ever works for me!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Simple Summer Days

This week has been a very simple summer week. We have played lots, swam lots and just hung out!! We spent most of the day on Sunday out at the land playing in the creek and enjoying the weather. Cy later decided he was a professional soccer player and has the outfit to prove it! Thanks Uncle Clay, we are now wearing our Christmas gift with pride!! Cy loves anything that has to do with a ball or truck. We switch gears all the time from Cars to soccer to football. Which always end with a good "Go Page!" Good thing I have two brothers, b/c throwing or kicking a ball is something I can handle.
Cy is also doing great with the whole potty training experience. We actually went a couple of days this week totally accident free. The only accident we ever have is the stinky kind and we are usually not with Mom when these occur. I think we have too much fun playing with our dad to really tell him that we have to go!!! I am not really pushing the potty issue, it is just something he started to do and it has taken off. We really have stopped having to buy two sets of diapers every week! HOORAY for us!!
Colby is rapidly approaching his 6 month birthday and I can not believe it. Before I can turn around, my sweet little baby is going to be big enough to sit up and really play with us. Colby loves nothing more right now than to watch his brother play. He laughs and talks to him the entire time. I love watching him get so excited about Cy. I will keep you all posted on the sitting progress. We are practicing a little each day and I know that it will just click one of these times.
Summer is a great time of year and I love spending it with all 3 of my guys!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

It made my heart happy to go.. to Walmart?

Yes, that is correct a simple trip to Walmart last night made my heart happy. Recently my grandparents moved up to Franklin from Dickson to live at Legacy Crossing. I believe it was a wonderful move and they are really starting to get settled in. The problem is that they are so settled in they have not been out. Except for the occasional trip to a doctors visit they really have not gone anywhere else. My wonderful mom has had them over to her home several times, which is also a great break. So yesterday I volunteered to go grab a few groceries for them, but as we sat eating dinner last night I had an idea. I told Nate I sure wished that we could go get them and take them to Walmart with us. Well you never have to tell Nate that you wish something could happen, b/c he is always up for making it happen. So I was determined to go get them and make them come even if they resisted. What would a brief stroll through Walmart hurt after dinner? So we set out in two cars, b/c I have too many kids to fit them and the grandparents in the car together, and went to kidnap them. Well the kidnapping was a breeze and all I had to do was suggest it and they were headed for the door. They were so excited and so were we!! Ladies, imagine that feeling we get when we are all alone and get to wander through Target or the mall like it is the first time we have ever seen it. I know that is how they felt, they had not been out shopping with help like this in so long. Our trip lasted a little over an hour, but it was great and I am so thankful for the opportunity to do things like this. My Nan called by 9 this morning to thank us again. Even without the call I knew it was one of the best hours I spent this week. Stopping to make someone else smile is so rewarding, I hope to do it again very soon!

Oh and the fav foto Friday is of our picnic in the garage today. We were in search of a fun activity and lunch in the garage sounded like a perfect idea!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wordless Wednesday....Friends

Super sweet friend Bec

So much fun friends, Ashley and Dana

Brother friends, Clay and Tuck

My Sweet Boyfriends, Nate and Colby

Monday, July 7, 2008

The end of a wonderful birthday week!!

And what a great weekend it was to end the fun week! On Thursday night we had a few friends over to help celebrate the birthday and the beginning of the long weekend. The ladies played a few rounds of the super fun game Catch Phrase while the guys(big kids) played the Wii and Rock Band. It was great and of course my mom out did herself with the cake, yummy ice cream, and dipped strawberries. Thanks so much to all my friends and fam that made the night so much fun!!

On Friday the actual big day, we hung out by the Hut all day. We ate yummy food and played with our wonderful friends, the Pilkintons!! Thanks so much guys for coming to swim and just relaxing with us. That afternoon, several members of my moms extended family came in to town and we had a great dinner with them. Nate lead the water aerobics for my grandmother, grandfather and great aunt. He did great with all of them. I must admit though that we did not make it to any fireworks. Nate and the boys were all pooped from the day so we took everyone home and watched the Nashville fireworks in our bed that night. It was a wonderful birthday.

Saturday we hit the campaign trial for some fun in Lawrenceburg on the square. Well we missed most of the fun and by the time we arrived we were able to meet and greet about 7 people! Oh well, I did find an awesome treasure. As most of you know, we hope to move soon and build a new house. I have no clue where to start when it comes to something like that, but I did have one idea for my new kitchen. I would like to start a small, collection of cool antique cookie jars! I saw something like the idea in a magazine once and thought it would be super fun. And since Nate is a PROUD gun collector I wanted to get in on the action of collecting something. Anyway, long story short, I bought my first jar in Lawrenceburg. It is really fun, and will be keeping my eye out for more treasures along the way. Oh back to the campaigning, we were also supposed to attend a fish fry that night in Prospect, TN. Well, we went, we saw and we did not eat fish. Actually the 2000 people we expected to be there were NO WHERE IN SIGHT!!! Oh well, it was a fun adventure.
Sunday ended with yet another birthday celebration, this one was actually for Uncle Drason. We had a blast hanging out at the land, eating hot dogs and letting the kiddos play in the creek. Thanks Aunt Sonya for getting us all together.

It was a great birthday week! Thanks to everyone that helped make it special to me!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Birthday Week still going strong!

The birthday week continued with fun on Tuesday night at the event for Poppi's. Thanks to all of our Sunday school friends for coming out and supporting our cause. It seemed so crazy to have people coming up to Poppi to get his picture made, that we decide we needed our time with the man of the hour. So we cornered him after the event and made him pose with us girls!! I also wanted to include the pic of my mom and I since she helped me find my very fun, and very patriotic dress to wear. Thanks mom!

Today we went out to Spring Hill to swim with our playgroup friends. We went to the new rec center out there and had a great time. Thanks to Livi and her mom for supplying the snacks, lunch was the most fun. Cy did really well wearing his swimmies and playing in the water. I also have to brag on him for telling me it was time to go(potty that is) and then actually going. We are working on it slowly around here, I am really just following his lead.

The biggest event of our morning was the discovery of Colby's tooth!!! Yes that is right the sweet ladies at VBS swore he was teething, and now he has something to show for it. I am not good at telling if my kids gums are swollen, so I probably could have realized this was coming if I had really checked him out. But so far he has done great with it, I am a little sad that he is big enough to have a tooth though. One more day until the real birthday and I can be done talking about it on this blog!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Birthday Week fun!

In case you have not spent much time around me in the past, once the month of July begins it usually means it is time to start celebrating!! My birthday that is!! I am a HUGE fan of all birthdays, not just mine. But my birthday usually does require several small gatherings and times for everyone to hang out. I actually am not usually one for attention, I really just like that all of my friends want to hang out and visit me! My birthday is Friday, but Nate and I started the week off on Sunday night celebrating. We went to some very classy, high end stores (Target and Old Navy) and picked out a few new tops and such. It was great. We then went to dinner and over to see the rest of the Lankfords at the concert at Carnton. Then we ended the night with one last stop at Walmart to buy diapers and the birthday date was complete. I loved every minute of it, thanks Nate. And thanks to Pepe and Grandmo for keeping the boys.
Like I said I love to celebrate all birthdays, so Monday started out with a trip over to the pool to help Gracey turn 2. All the kiddos swam and had Cy's favorite, pizza! What a great way to start off the birthday week!

Tonight we are headed to a fundraiser for Poppi at George Jones' home. Don't be too jealous, I mean everyone dreams of a George Jones concert for their b-day!! It should be fun and I have a new dress to debut. Hopefully I will have pics to post tomorrow about it. Thanks for letting me ramble on about the beginning of the birthday week.

Oh, but I have REALLY wanted to post a blog about the book I read on vacation. I am now on my second time going through it! It is incredible, oh and it is called "The Shack." It is a little rough at the beginning so don't be scared off, b/c I still smile just thinking about how great it ends up being. If you are looking for a read that makes your heart happy and your desire to know and love the Lord more, please consider this book! It will truly amaze and surprise you!