Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Weekend Fun!

We had a great weekend with Dad being home and not too much to do. We did manage to do some special things some that we have pics for and some that we don't. On Friday night we just hung out at home, which is always fun. The boys were climbing the tree in the front yard and showing off their big muscles. On Saturday, Nate took Cy out to Joey's to help work on the fence. They stayed and played all day out there, Cy has so much fun playing with his cousins and his Aunt Courney( as he says). Colby and I were off on an adventure of our own. We got dressed up and headed with Grandma and Tuck to the Ravenwood graduation. Our good buddy Cody graduated, so we went to cheer him on. Colby lasted about 30 mins, then the handing out of diplomas just put him to sleep. We had fun and are proud of Cody. The Pilkinton's came to eat and hangout that night, and the boys had fun playing together.
Sunday had no big plans after church, until we got a fun call from Poppie and Nonnie. They wanted to take the big kids, Briley, Braxton and Cy down to Dickson for the day. We do not have any pics from the day so far, but hopefully we can get some. The kids went to Aunt Jenna's farm and played with the chickens, rooster, and most importantly her new baby goats. They had sooo much fun. They were still going strong at 9 when we got there to get Cy.
Monday started bright and early for us after a spend the night at Poppi and Nonni's. We took the little boys to Lorreto, TN to be in the Memorial Day parade for Pop's campaign. We rode in the truck and threw candy. Cy loved holding the candy, not too sure about throwing it out to people. We are still working on SHARING!! We then hung out at the Watson's for the afternoon and relaxed. It was great having Nate home and just hanging out. Enjoy the pics!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Fave Foto Friday

Okay I think the theme this week was "favorite photo from the week." So here is one of my favorites from this week. This is Tuck and I at Clay's party on Monday night. Tuck has changed tons this past year and I think we look much more alike! We are also pretty good buddies, so this was the winner for this week. Enjoy!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mom calls him, Colby!

Whether you call him Toby tot(Colby Todd)like his brother, or Big Country(the nickname of a TN Titan) like his Pepe and Uncle Tuck, my sweet Colby has a few new tricks to debut. He likes to spend a few minutes everyday hanging around in his Johnny Jumper and Cy thinks it is so cool that Colby is actually up and moving. I think he will be super excited when Colby is old enough to sit up and play a little. We have also been practicing our tummy time so that when the sweet nurse asks at our 4 month visit if we can lift our head up we will say YES with pride. Colby is so sweet and chilled he just goes with the flow. I also took him to get his 3 month pics today, a little late, but not too bad. We are still torturing him daily with rice cereal, but I may try the oatmeal soon to see if he likes it any better. That is all that is happening in the world of Colby, Toby, or Big Country which ever you prefer!! Hope you enjoy the pics and have a great Friday!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Uncle Clay!

Last night we celebrated my brother's 26th birthday. We met up with my parents, my youngest brother Tucker, Clay, Allison, her family and the Sawyers to eat at Omikoshi. We left the babies at home with sweet Stephanie and enjoyed the time out without all the kiddos. I made everyone pose several times to get as many blogworthy photos as I could. My camera was acting a little funny at times so some did not turn out as well. But we did get some good shots of Clay and Allison, as well as the fam! It was fun meeting Allison's parents and brother. Nate was very impressed with her brothers choice of law school(Harvard)!! He tried to convince someone(not sure anyone was listening) that he got accepted there as well for undergrad, but decided to follow his best friend Jesse to Tech instead! Sure Nate!!! Happy birthday Uncle Clay!! We love ya!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Wormies, Tractors, and a rodeo- Every little boys dream!

Yes, we started Saturday morning on a serious hunt for wormies. Cy, mom and dad all searched the yard, calling out to our "wormie" friends and hoping to find them. Cy was able to find a few and had to hand them all to Mom. Which actually was not that bad, Mom's favorite part of going fishing is putting the worms on the hook. I really am a boys mom! After brother woke up and the "wormie" hunting got old, we went over to the park to the touch a truck event. This one was not quite as fun as the one at church last fall, but none the less we did see several tractors and garbage trucks. We think those are soo cool! Cy and Colby were both terrified any time some older kid blew the horn at the event, so we only stayed for a little bit. After a good nap we were off the the rodeo with our cousins Briley, Brax and Barron. We also invited some Dr. friends of Nathan and Joey's to come. They have three little ones as well, so again we adults were very out numbered. It was great fun though. Last year Cy screamed his head off and hated it!!! This year he was ready to ride those horsies!! He loved it and looked super cute in his rodeo outfit that dad put him in. Gingham shirt, jeans and boots, what a handsome little cowboy. After Colby recieved heart failure from the announcer over the loud speaker a few times, he gave it up and crashed. I think he will like it more next year. Cy had a great day and we did too watching him have so much fun!

Sunday was church, Barron's baby dedication and a fun party at Will's house. Cy had a blast playing in the creek with Will and all his friends. He did crash by 7:30 and got a much needed 12 hours of sleep! Hope your weekend was full of all your favorite things!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Fave Foto Friday

Okay, so I am totally copying this from some other blogs I stalk, but I think it is a great way to end the week. This is the only pic of my two little buddies and I last week at the beach! It is currently my screen saver and it makes me smile everytime I open the computer. So I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Yes, one more thing

Okay, so three posts in one day is a bit much, but I have one more sweet entry to add. Tonight we tried rice cereal for the first time with little Colby. I had a very weird moment as we were about to give it to him, thinking that up to this point in his life he has never had anything but milk in his body. It is amazing that we have been trusted to feed this little person and introduce him to all the things this world has to offer. I was a little sad thinking that he was ready to start the cereal, but his dad insisted. Well as you can see by the pics it was not all that Nate had originally hoped it would be. Oh well, we will try again another night. We are also going to try to go without the 10 o'clock feeding. Up to this point we feed Colby around 7 and put him to bed until 10. We have then been waking him up and feeding him before we go to bed. This is our comfort to know he will sleep all night. Lets keep our fingers crossed that tonight he will go all night without eating. Have fun looking at the pictures of my laid back man, Colby Todd.

Uninstall to reinstall..

After I removed the entire program from my computer and reinstalled it, I was able to get my pics to work. I am including some of Cy and Sophie waiting for their dads to come home. This was a huge moment for them, b/c Cy usually will not let Sophie touch him and he was hugging her. It was too cute! Cy was a little stunned when his dad finally got off the plane and did not say much. He just did not want to be put down. In the family pic, Colby is off to the side asleep in the stroller. He was not too impressed!
Then on to Mom's day, we had a great time with both sides of our family at my mom's house. We did this last year as well. It is fun to have all of our family together for lunch. We served Bar-B-Q and ice cream cones. We took several pics.
Last night the boys busted out their new Nicaragua baseball jersey's for Tucker and Taylors soccer game. They both play at PHS and are in the region finals this week. We all went to support and they both had a great time. Lots of people to entertain Cy and lots to hold Colby. Cy and Braxton have matching jersey's, they are super cute! Not sure why the pics are out of order, but I am so glad that they are there. Enjoy and hope your week is off to a great start! We are so glad to have Dad home and life back to normal, whatever that is!!

Experiencing technical difficulties..

I have tons of things to talk about from the weekend, but no pics to show. My computer is telling me that my transfer is just "not working"? Super frustrating to a rookie blogger, so hang in there and I will post my wonderful pics soon. Nate did make it home in one piece and we had a wonderful mom's day. I have some great pictures from both days that I will post soon. We also had a super fun play group at our house this morning. 10 kids and 7 moms!! All the babies that we were waiting on last fall finally have arrived and our playgroup has gotten a little bit bigger. Once I can I will also post those pictures, we did try to get one group shot.

I do have a picture that Jonathan C. sent us of Nate in Nicaragua after he scored a soccer goal. I think it is worth a blog spot. Notice the ground, it has not rained since November there and everything was super dry. This was very different from the last time Nate went, when everything looked very tropical and beautiful. I hope to have more pics soon. Enjoy Nate's goal for now!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Waiting on my big guy.....

We made it safely home from sunny Florida around 1 a.m. this morning. I had Sonya in the car with me to keep me up and help me feed all the children. The ride was fine, except that poor Cy would not give it up. He did nap from 9 until 10 but after that he saw us all the way into the drive way. Wow midnight with a 23 month old is not so fun. Poor Sonya had never seen the movie Cars until she rode with us this week, now I think she could recite it from memory. We watched it several times to say the least.

We had a blast in Florida and once Cy settled in to being on vacation with his cousins and all the excitement he did much better. Just a little overwhelming when you are used to just chilling with mom all the time. He did great wearing his water wings and jumping in the pool to me. I really had fun swimming with him. Colby continued to "chill" all trip and had a good time eating, sleeping and kicking his feet! I have included some of my favorite pics from the trip. The arrival of Nonni on Tuesday really helped all the little guys out. I mean how much fun is the beach with your grandma in tow. She did everything from build tents with the boys to color with Briley, and yes she did lead them in the pledge of allegiance one morning. Cy is covering his heart with a banana in the picture?!? Not sure why the little guys are sideways, but they were too cute not to post!

That leads me to now, I am just waiting. I should be napping, since my guys are but I am just too excited to see my big guy, Nate. I know he is going to have so many fun stories to tell and amazing pictures to show. I can't wait to hear all about it. I also cannot wait to see sweet Cy when he finally gets to see his Dad. We have really been talking him up today in preparation for the big arrival. I am going to take both boys to the airport tonight to meet Nate and all the other guys from the trip. It should be an adventure. I think all our little friends like Will and Sophie will be there as well so it should be fun. I have a permanent smile on my face this afternoon, through tired eyes as I wait for my sweet husband to return. Enjoy the pics and I hope to have fun Nicaragua stories to tell soon.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Surviving while Dad is away!

Well Nate is offically in Nicaragua this week making a difference and we are in sunny Destin playing with our cousins. We left around 8 on Saturday morning with three babies in our car and three more in Courtney's car. It took us about 8 hours to get here making one long stop in Montgomery at the Arby's to climb on a tree and eat.
The weather is wonderful and we are staying in a house with 8 bedrooms. Each room is filled and my two each have their own rooms. It also has a fun pool and hot "pool" out back. Cy is wearing his water wings with pride, b/c his big cousin Braxton wears them. I would have gone insane if he had not wanted to wear them. Cy is doing fine, a little overwhlemed by all the excitement of having his fun cousins around all the time. But he is about to turn 2 so I will try to be patient with him.
Colby is winning the laid back award. He is doing wonderful, taking naps, eating and watching the big kids. He is such a sweet heart. He, Livi and Barron are too cute and I can't wait to see them this time next year. Wow that is going to be fun.
We talked to our boys last night and they are having a blast. All kinds of crazy stories that Nate will have to fill us in on when he returns. We miss them tons and hope that they will get a chance to call us soon, or read our blogs.
I will post pics next week when we get home. Or check out Court's blog for pics of her gang.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sweet Pics of my guys!

Major guy excitement around here in the last 24 hours! Nate killed 2 BIG turkeys yesterday morning. Okay all you ladies out there I know you can hardly contain your excitement, but he was really cute wanting his picture made many times with his birds. I am super excited about them, b/c this means we have reached our yearly limit around here and can no longer kill any more turkeys until next year! Please do not tell your husbands about this, because we can still help others kill their limit and I am not excited about that. I wanted to include a picture of him today so that he got a little face time.
Also I did manage to take a 3 month picture of Colby without Cy's help and they are much cuter. It was a lot easier without help! Lastly, I am posting a picture of the boys after naptime today. No they did not actually nap at the same time, but we are working on it. Cy wanted Colby in his bed and needed to get undressed just like his brother. Wow, how many things they are going to want to do the same. Some good and some probably not as good!! I am sure they will be spending many a night together in the same bed. What fun for my little guys.
Have a wonderful Thursday and please say a little prayer for us as we get ready to send our Dad off to Nicaragua. We will miss him.