Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy Birthday #31

so on sunday i planned a surprise trip with #31 himself. we headed west and landed in a downtown *memphis hotel! we ate TONS, shopped some, bought new tires for our car :), and just CHILLED!!! thanks to some wonderful grandparents it was a breeze leaving our two knuckle heads at home. they were well taken care of (especially since their school lunches today each contained a 6 pack of apple sauce!) it was so fun to get away and just hang with my sweet nate. tonite i made his fav dinner and we just hung out some more. family time all around, just what we all needed! happy birthday sweet #31

special friends

last friday nite, we had 2 very special visitors. they were all decked out in their camo and ready to go hunt with nate and the big boys for the opening day of turkey hunting. they were too cute... everyone BIG and small were gathered around to the prize of one lucky 12 year old!! and here it is, sweet lil guy was able to shoot his first turkey in our back field. his guide is pretty good if i say so myself!

after the sunburns calmed down.....

our muscles got BIG...... and our beach time actually included Uncle Tuck..... and Miss Brittany.....
thanks so much grandmo for letting us join you and the crew for a wonderful spring break at the beach!!!!

We "heart" South Africa

Thanks to a sweet friend at church we now rock our africa tees with a special heart over the southern tip!! we love you, uncle Joe, aunt Court, Bri, Brax, Barron, and Bristol!!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

sunburns all around....

we just got to the beach on sunday and all proceeded to get sunburned. ooh well! fun times with tuck, grandmo, and miss brittany!

camping sunday school style......

so several weeks ago, some of our sunday school class decided they were going camping for part of spring break. when they announced it in class one night, nate (aka clark w. griswold) was sooo excited and jumped in with both feet. within days he had planned a big pig roast as well as ribs on the smoker. he was pumped. i agreed as long as tent camping was not the plan, so he called his grandparents and borrowed their camper for the weekend. as you know, my sweet husband gets super excited and ready to go.

so after 12 hours of preparation on wednesday we headed on down to the park and spent the first night in the inn. fun for all!!
here is nate setting up 1 of his 2 sites. we had to save 2 extra sites and that was very against the rules. i was the only one stressed about that though!
sweet colby playing on the playground, amazing weather!
sweet big brother
our fearless leader.....
my guys, catching some fishes
yay, 1st catch
look mom, i will hold it!
colby just got his bike for his bday, a rode a million laps around the campground. not sure if he ever figured out the brake though!
MOST of the camping kiddos, a couple are missing. sweet "big" kids for my crew to play with.
like going on a mission trip and waking up the first morning home, without your peeps, i really missed everyone as soon as we left. we all had a great time, meeting kiddos for the first time and getting to know sweet friends better.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

wordless wednesday...He has a plan

and with the sign in our front yard, we are trusting that He has an even greater plan than this.....

Friday, March 4, 2011

i could touch her hand.....

in my dream last nite, she was here and i could touch her hand. it was still so small and skinny! just like i remember. miss ya sis, praying for that day we get to hug again!