Sunday, September 25, 2011

m-i-c- see ya real soon, k-e-y- why b/c i like you...

one last safari ride with pep...
one mean momma bird....i think she was sad to see us go!

one last disney treasure....

saying goodbye to our super great hotel....

our small touch of africa to remind us of that crazy african crew we miss and love....

one last day of missing school.....

we headed home, with lots of smiles, laughs and memories! thanks nate for letting us go and thanks grandmo and pep for helping us pull off so many great surprises! what a great trip to spend as a family of 4, next time we will be making many stops at ALL princess sights! :)

a busy day 5

we knew we were closing down our trip so we had to make the most of our last full day. colby was going to make sure that no one got in our way to ride the family fav "soarin." really he just ask every 5 seconds, "where's my pistol?"
we ate our last big meal in "italy", or the italian village in epcot. it was yummy and they had a great gfree dish.

we had to take a couple of pics with the giant ball in the back ground. not sure i had ever been in the big ball until this trip, and it was actually an interesting ride.

family of 4 for now.....

then we headed over to hollywood studios, this time with grandmo and pep. again we hit up starwars and this time came out with some LARGE, over priced swords.

check out the intense battle here....

all bad guys beware~

this was a much appreciated rest time for the big guys

also a nice rest of the big guys was the always entertaining muppets in 3d....check out the vintage mickeys

when cy went off to watch, "indian and the jones," again with nate and pep, colby opted for a less intense activity. (colby had not been a fan of indian and the jones on our previous visit, he watched most of it under the seats in front of him)

since moving in with grandmo and pep, all morning news shows are no longer shown, disney junior rules~ so it only made sense that colby attend the show with mickey, jake and all the other junior stars, with grandmo!

one character i had not imagined the boys getting an autograph from, "green army man"

surprise #2...guess who showed up on day 4

look who we found sitting under the tree right at the entrance to the park monday morning... colby is on the phone with pep as we walked into the park that morning. he thinks he is telling pep all about disney while pep is on his way to work....yes cy looks terrible, at this point he has thrown up in the hotel room, in the food court and on the bus.

all that was about to they stroll by the tree, both boys recognize 2 very familiar, "heys"

this was sweet colby once he saw his grandmo and pep

and sick cy jumped straight up and into his pep's lap. really it was soo sweet i will never forget their faces!

cy was not up for race cars, so he sat with grandmo and ate 10 peanut butter crackers. he kept them down and it really is amazing what a good dose of grandparents will do for a kid!

colby however was ready to go, he and pep beat nate, of course!

now grandmo is being forced to get in on the character pics....say cheese

colby and pep were about to yell, "we need ketchup" something that was quite normal at our dinner meal

a nice boat ride back across the lake for some late night fun at magic kingdom

day 3 a goofy breakfast and some wild animals

on sunday we ate our mickey waffles with a cast of characters....
colby and donald were so happy to see each other....

cy was also very pumped!

minnie is not a very shy mouse!

this guy was so close to our jeep we had to be reminded not to reach our hands out and touch him

pocahontas kept us occupied during the random afternoon rain shower...

we ended this day with a very fun trip to the lego store. cy was sooo excited!

day 2 hollywood style

we were up and going early on day two. we headed to hollywood studios for a character lunch and to ride some fun rides. crazy mom would not let us pass too many characters without having them sign our homemade autograph books. yes i am that nerdy!
the boys loved the star wars ride, maybe if we ever watched the movie we would really know what was going on.....

really as a mom of boys you just have to love cars....these made us all very happy

random entertainment waiting to meet buzz and woody

buzz, was about to get it from colby and his mom for trying to steal the super cool autograph book

lunch with a handy man....

and a cutie named june

oowwwstanding oso!

they were supposed to tell mr.incredible that their dad could beat him up, yes i am rolling my eyes

a little hot, but that was really just from that fact that cy had been breaking it down in the flash mob dance out in the street

sweet brothers cool it off in the swimming pool

magic kingdom day 1

we shot aliens with buzz
we fought pirates with jack

we went soaring with dumbo

we almost vomited with the mad hatter

and we gave high fives to a few random peeps along the way...........

that night we ate an african feast at our hotel and then crashed....what a big day!

a big day for 2 little boys....

wake up sweet boys we are off on a BIG adventure.....
this was the scene early last friday morning. these two kiddos were about to start a fun filled 6 day adventure at disney and they had no clue! they were a little sleepy but it did not take too long to fill in the clues.
Clue 1: the always crafty dad made a dollar store airplane have four flying heads on it....

Clue 2: a giant disney balloon, two new buzz lightyear* tees, and 2 backpacks filled with lots of dollar store treats :) disney here we come........

cy was way too little to remember his last airplane ride so this was really a first for both of them. they were pumped and had a great time!

i could not have planned it better, we walked straight into the park and walked right up to our first character "Mickey the Mouse" then out the door to see our first of several parades. it was a great way to say welcome to 2 little boys that really had no clue what to expect!