Monday, June 21, 2010

man i am going to miss them.....

so maybe i have 3 more months, or maybe i don't. it really doesn't matter that much. i am going to miss them. they swim with us, eat lunch with us, catch creatures with us, attend ALL family functions with us, they are a part of us!!!! yes i will miss court more than i even let myself think about. and joey with that "i am going, whose coming with me NOW," personality, that makes me smile. it will be weird. but these 3 kiddos are some of my groups very best friends.

briley always lets the little guys tag along, and challenges us all to not be afraid of any creatures. brax loves with all his heart, and also makes my little guys feel big! barron is 4 and a half months older than Colby and 15 months younger than Cy. he is every ones "buddy!" if Cy gets caught up with the big kids, Barron and Colby play like best buds. and when Cy is ready the 3 of them play amazingly well.

summertime is all about this crew, it will be rough! but God will prepare all our hearts for this change and i have faith we will be fine.

this post was totally brought on by the pic at the bottom. i cannot stand to think of how much i will miss her. she will only be here for a few short months, not nearly long enough for us all to hold her and play with her. she won't really know us and selfishly that stinks. however, she will come home with them and the time she is gone is really just a blink. so forgive my rambling and this heart pouring session. i just really am going to miss them!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

all about dad

of course today is all about dad at our house. we showered him with "nate" appropriate gifts, (a large composter and composting mix). we swam with him at poppi's pool and now he is right where he wants to be... in his garden. so this post is really about the things that make us love our special dad today, like his awesome garden. not only does nate treat us like we are the greatest things in his life, he also treats his baby veggies and fruits like they are the best as well. what a great nurturing dad we have!! thanks nate for being the best for us, we could not ask for anything better! we love you!

not only do we have an amazing dad, but we are very blessed to have an awesome pepe and fabulous poppi! we love them all!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

No rain in the forecast!?!?

So if that was the forecast then WHY did it start raining at 2:01 for an outside indian creek party that began at 2:00 today? B/c that is just the way it was supposed to be and no one seemed to mind!! We had a very fun family bday today and it was everything an indian party should have been. Rain dance, tepee, body paint, beads, a raft, warriors and indian princesses!

We could not have done it without Nate's hard work! Thank you Dad!!
Our good buddy Will was getting ready for the indian party earlier in the week and tried to practice walking on hot coals. It did not go as well, so he came by early since his feet were not up for partying today! Thanks buddy!
Chief Cy's awesome tepee

Mom's makeshift indian themed party table (thanks grandmo and pep for helping set up today!)

the paint was going to be used for the tepee, but hey body paint is sooo cool!

one of the few indian princesses

Colby and one of the indian princesses

even Non got into the body paint action!

Pop trying his hand at raft dancing?

Grandmo and a tribe of WILD indians!

Happy 4th Cy!!

Today we spent the entire day celebrating the new 4 year old at our house! It was so fun this year to count down the days, b/c Cy actually understood what we were talking about. Despite the 5 a.m. massive nose bleed the day was a total success. He was so happy about each gift that he received and there were enough that Colby was able to play with them as well.

Here is my handsome man early this morning!

Blowing out our first candle of the morning, yummy cinnamon roll!

The official candle blowout of the day. All 4 candles were nothing for this indian chief.

We finished the day with a yummy dinner out and one last candle in our ice cream sundae!

Happy birthday, sweet Cy!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Pop and Non!

Last Sunday we celebrated good ol Poppi's birthday! We love Pop and his big tractor!
Today we will celebrate Nonni and her birthday! Thanks Non for always playing fun games with us!

And tomorrow we will celebrate a special 4 year old!!! Yeah!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy 6th Braxton

Brax we love you tons buddy and thanks for letting us celebrate with you today!

17 in all

last week we went on the lankford family vacation. this was the largest group to date. i couldn't help but be thankful that my sweet niece and nephews were still in the states for this summer trip. we had a blast. we hiked, boated, swam, ate, ate some more and ate a little more! nate and i celebrated our 6 year anniversary on saturday surrounded by the fam. it was great.

this post is not as much to remind me of the trip, but to show off my anniversary gift. i was super PUMPED when nate gave me my much desired new camera! i love it, oh and so does he, just ask him about it! thanks nate for my fun treat and for 6 FABULOUS years! each day is a surprise with you, nathan lankford.......