Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy 30th Nate!!

Today is officially Nate's birthday! With me in charge though we have been celebrating for several days now. This weekend I sent he and some of his "boys" down to the cabin for a guys night. They smoked ribs, shot guns and as Tuck said, had "man talks?" I think they had a good time, Nate loved it. Then on Saturday we rode down with the cousins and some friends to continue the celebration. The Lord blessed us with a beautiful day and we took full advantage of it all.
This morning Nate woke up to streams, balloons, special cinnamon rolls and a new coffee maker to make his *Starbucks coffee at home. The boys were pumped and we plan to continue the celebration all day. I will post more later about the rest of the bday adventures.
Could not be more disappointed in the fact that my camera is TOTALLY missing!!!! Seriously, I love pics and have not taken one of Nate, today or this weekend.
I stole these two from Dana, thanks friend!
Back to searching for the camera!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy 30th Bec!

Today is one of my dear friends 30th birthday!
Last night we went to celebrate with several of her friends from all aspects of her life. It was great. She had her Sunday school friends present, her "carpool" gang present and then her "old school" friends. That is the category that I fall into. Bec and I have been friends since about 7th grade. She was much cooler than me in middle school, but we were both in the nerdy classes so I am not sure that says very much for either of us!! We thought we were the coolest, again that is not saying much, our freshman year and had a blast being goofballs. Eventually we went to different schools and then a long way apart for college, but our friendship always picked right back up. Then she made the super random decision to go to Michigan for grad school. Yuck, I thought, but she did find her great husband there. I was so pumped when they moved back a couple of years ago and we hang out when we can. She has been patiently waiting on the Lord to bless her with a sweet baby for a couple of years and my heart still leaps at the fact that she is currently 13 weeks along! Can't wait to meet the newest Baldwin and see what the Lord has in store for this chapter of our friendship. Happy B-day friend!

Monday, March 22, 2010

We went to Jackson!

We loaded the car on Friday for very brief little get-a-way. We headed to Jackson to visit our good buddy, Uncle Tuck at his "cawedge." Tuck is at Union this semester and loving it. The boys and I went to hang with him on Friday night and then head over to Memphis with him the next morning. We picked him up early and headed downtown. Here the boys are outside of the Fed* Ex forum, where Tuck he just been the night before at the John M. concert.

Our main reason for the Memphis visit was to get the big boys in our group some authentic Memphis ribs. The table was silent while we all stuffed our faces with yummy ribs.

After we were too full to move we strolled over to see the ducks at the Peabody. We saw them splash, race and even fight a little. Super cool! Of course my big boy was the most interested!

Too full to walk any more we decided on the trolley ride down by the river. It was fun and we sat with some man that was pretty sure he had been Mrs. Martin Luther King Jr.'s driver back in the day. He looked very similar to the man on Tuck's shirt??!!

It was a very random, but TOTALLY FUN 24 hours. Thanks Tuck for having us and thanks Nate for taking us!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Still thinking about it....

the blog post that will give you just some hint into what it was really like. And how i really changed.
Oh and I just want to write it all down so that I will remember it!!
Anyway, I found this on the Visiting Orphans site today. I hope it helps you begin to see what we did while we were away.....

Thank you for praying and supporting me on this adventure of a lifetime!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Back in the good ole US of A!

We arrived home super late last night and I was so happy to see all 3 of my sweet boys this morning. What a long day of travel yesterday was on a bus, a plane, a tram, and a van. Thank the Lord for His traveling safety, we needed it.
I have so much to say, so much to tell and so much to show, but not today. My heart is just too heavy, too overwhelmed and too tired. So I will try again later to let you see some of my amazing, God led, adventure!

Oh and right in the middle of writing this, I received a much needed phone call from one of my traveling friends. It was just what my heart needed. Thank you Lord for that "sweet kiss."

Saturday, March 6, 2010

We are in the rain!

We are doing group blogs over on Alicia's blog so check us out there. I will do better once I return! Love to all!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Are you ready????

That is the million dollar question today!
----Am I ready to get in the car tomorrow morning with 9 other peeps and start a journey that I will not soon forget?
----Am I ready to leave my 2 sweet babies for 7 full days?
----Am I ready to leave my amazing, sometimes silly, husband for just as long?
----Am I ready to leave my family and friends that I love seeing and chatting with every day?
----Am I ready to look into the face of a child with NO mom or dad and give them Hope?
----Am I ready to seek God in every step I will take in the next 8 days?
----Am I ready to love bigger than I can even imagine at this point?

A simple YES is all I can say.........

God has given me peace, I am not thinking in terms of days or activities. Not first this, then this and then something else. My heart says yes, my head says yes and so I say Yes!! That is all that matters. I have a peace that only the Lord can give. It truly surpasses all understanding. Thank you, dear Lord for that.

So here I go, ready to be His hands and feet. Thank you all for supporting me in so many different ways. Please continue to pray for our entire team, the kiddos and every person that will be put in our path this week. Be ready, b/c when I return I will have an amazing story to tell!!!

Here is my team, minus one character. Do we look ready or what?