Monday, September 28, 2009

The rest of the weekend- V.O.L.S style

On Saturday, we left the boys with two of Nate's wonderful cousins and headed to *Rocky Top.* I was so excited to go back to a game, since not having been to one since I graduated. It rained all day, but with the Lord looking down on us, we never saw a drop at the game. It was so much fun and it was great just to hang out with my parents and Tuck. We made sure to make the pregame show. Nothing beats the power T.

Nate and I at our first UT game together.

Tuck and I showing our school spirit. Thanks Tuck for letting us rock it with ya this weekend. We love ya and miss you! College is tons of fun, enjoy it all!!!

Visiting Uncle Tuck-part 1

This past weekend we loaded the car up and headed for the mountains for E. Tenn. The boys and I went on Thursday with my parents and stopped for dinner in K-town with Uncle Tuck. Tuck took us to the "old city" for a yummy dinner and ice cream treats. What a crew! Only grandparents would allow each child under 4 to have their own ice cream cone. So fun!!

We then left Tuck and headed to the mountains to find our cabin. Nate made it later that night and we woke up Friday ready to face any adventure. First stop was Grandmothers Kitchen for breakfast and then the Towns.end Old Timers Festival. Several nice treasures were found here, but can not be discussed b/c they may make an appearance around Halloween.

We then headed over to Cades Cove* for an afternoon drive. I had to include this pic, b/c it shows the rear of the only bear we saw all weekend. My camera is pretty janky and missed all but the end of the bear. Oh well, my 3 boys were so pumped!!

Later on Friday nite, Tuck and Brad came up for a big steak dinner and ice cream. All they did was eat, wow to be in college again. Pretty sure they had not eaten in several weeks and tried to catch up with us. We loved having them around.

This is just one of many dips in the "hot pool" that my crew took. Usually they were in by 8 each morning, but they never stayed longer than about 3 mins. The cabin was great and Grandmo did a great job feeding us all.

2 weekends ago!

This post is a little late, but still important to note. Two weekends ago, we snuck down with a couple of friends to a fabulous lake house. It was wonderful just relaxing and listening to the rain. We had a blast, and ate like royalty. Thanks friends for the invite, we had a blast.
This was just one meal, Chef Jonathon is "on time!"

Friday, September 11, 2009

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A couple more weekend firsts for this crew!

Over the weekend, we once again decided to branch out and try a couple of new things. I recently received a starter bag for some Amish Cinnamon bread. I had no clue what I was doing or what I had even received. Being the nervous cook that I am I was not too sure where to begin, or if I would really go through with it. But with a little encouragement and a day trying to gather the ingredients I gave it a try on Monday. I would have told you that neither Cy nor Nate would have been very interested in the final product, and really Colby eats anything so expectations for my crew were low. Boy was I mistaken, Cy and Nate could not get enough of it!Yummy is all that I can say. So glad that I ran into S.M. while out the other day, thanks friend! If you would like a starter let me know, b/c Nate made me promise that I would continue making it every 10 days forever!?!
Check out the finished product

While Mom bakes away, Dad gets Cy in to a stir over Dove hunting. So I agree to chill with my sweet Colby while the big boys head out on their first "real" hunting trip. This is as close as Colby got to the action. Wearing the sleeve from the shirt that Nate cut off for Cy to wear. No comment!
And they were off, with smiles all around and the probability of a short evening.

Several hours later, they finally called ready to eat and show off their loot. They maxed out for the day and they were so pumped. Nate was so proud of this newest hunting buddy!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

First Day of School- Yippee!

Well today was the first official day of school for both Cy and Colby. This is Cy's 3rd time around and Colby's first. The moment he heard where we were headed this morning, Cy began talking about it. Some of the chatter was confident and some a little unsure. We talked about it the entire way to school. Colby continued to give his opinion on the matter, "No" was his response when asked if he was going to school or was even excited about his teachers. Cy wanted to be dropped off first, so down to the 3 year old room we went. He gave kisses, hugs and sprinted in! Wow!!!! What a difference a year makes. The real test for him will come in the next couple of weeks? Colby, however was still holding strong to his feeling of "no" and cried a little. I did check on him a couple of mins later and he was having a blast. So much that when I picked him up he was loving his teachers and giving out all kinds of kisses! What a stinker he is! One of my goals for school days is to hit the gym. Today was a success!

Cy sporting his new backpack that must be small enough for him to carry!
Colby and his pack, not as excited!

I wanted to get the boys with my plate and the school bus, but they were not interested, this was the best shot I got.

Few more firsts- First Sounds game

On Tuesday night we went with Grandma and Pep to the Sounds baseball game. The weather was wonderful and the boys had a blast. Thanks for the invite guys!

Here are Pep and Cy trying to figure out why the pitcher gave up 7 runs in one inning?

Grandmo(as Cy calls her, and Mo mo as Colby calls her) and Colby enjoying popcorn. Cy and Colby will do ANYTHING for popcorn.

Nate and the boys not smiling, of course!
Thanks again guys for inviting us! We love you!