Monday, December 22, 2008

Just an update!

Okay so we are still here and we are making progress folks!! This weekend Nate and several others worked their tails off to get the floors laid. I am happy to say that by the end of TODAY all the new floors in our house will be in AND the kitchen cabinets will also be finished!! This is huge people!!! We are still here at my parents house, which I love, b/c of all the extra help and attention. But I am starting to feel awful, because we keep bringing in germs. Last time it was the stomach virus and this time it is pink eye. Yes, Cy decided to get pink eye over the weekend in both eyes so again, sorry to the fam, we just keep spreading germs! Other than that we are all doing great and we even attended one family Christmas celebration over the weekend. (I did not know we had the pink eye at this point!)
Here is a pic I stole from Courtney of the kiddos singing. This has great importance to me, b/c this was the way Cy was supposed to sing at his preschool program last Tuesday. I am sure none of you are surprised that Cy did not sing Jingle Bells like a normal human, instead he left the stage screaming!!! Oh well he sang loud and proud for his great grandmother Stokes and that is all the matters.
We still have several more fun christmas parties and outings, but the pics will have to come later. Hope your holiday week is wonderful!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Still around??

hello blogger friends!
So this is the update from Lankford land! We are still homeless. We have spent the last week or so here at my parents with the exception of last night. On Wednesday night we were blessed with the stomach virus around here so we moved out for a day so that my mom could have her school Xmas party here. Cy started the virus fun on Wendesday evening and then it ran through the house like wildfire! We are all doing better except for Colby who is still having a hard time keeping things in! We moved to Non and Pop's upstairs bonus room and shut the doors for the last 24 hours. The boys and I watched every episode of D*ora or D*iego that we could find! Sweet Nate continues to work on our house everyday with the hopes of us getting in there by next weekend! I am really just holding out for Christmas eve!! All in all we are doing fine, I have some fun pics from the last couple of weeks, but my personal computer is packed so I am unable to download them! Hopefully I will catch up in a couple of weeks! We did watch Nate make a great "Frosty" with Uncle Taylor in the front yard last night! What a great snow we had and how pretty out in the country it was. Hope to celebrate my mom's birthday this weekend and attend a fun party! We will continue to enjoy our life as nomads and remember to say Happy Birthday to Jesus every day!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

This is the day...

.....that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it! Today is offically moving day and I am reminding myself to rejoice and be glad in it! There are boxes EVERYWHERE, but the U*Haul comes this afternoon and off we will be! Going on a mini vacation around the fam, until the house is done, which will be fun! Hope to show new house pics soon though. Hope you remember to rejoice in this day as well!