Wednesday, September 29, 2010

it's time......

back in april i wrote a post. it was about this young girl.
well since then the Lord has continued to divinely interrupt my life and push me towards His plans. the burden then was to help young mothers, and now i am trying to make it happen. i do not have a big fancy plan, just a heart that is currently trying to follow His lead.

as i pray about each step and watch for His divine guidance, i have reached the point of asking for help!

i have meet with some of these young moms in our community and they need our stuff. not the new stuff, and not the stuff you were going to sell in a yard sale to raise money for a mission trip. the stuff that you were just going to donate to someone. this is the stuff i want. ALL OF IT!!

blankets, sleepers, pj's, mattresses, sheets, toys, car seats, any and everything that you just don't need any more......

i promise it will all go straight to a young mom in need. the need is so great and i would love to have your help in meeting it.

if you have some stuff, just let me know. i will come and get it from you.
i pray that the Lord will allow me to do a mighty work with Him in this community.
thank you!

oh and please pass this info on to anyone else that might be willing to donate!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A birthday memory....

with a super special 3 year old cousin. as our dear family prepares to leave, i am trying to hold on to as many sweet memories as i can. it was going to be barron's bday and i wanted to do something special that all 3 buddies would remember. nate and i picked up the bear and headed to the mall with all 3. i did not give any of them details before hand so that everyone would be surprised!

after a very healthy pizza dinner, nate took the boys down to the candy store. everyone got to pick their own small bag to carry around for the night. the pizza lady had given us balloons on sticks, but thankfully by this point we had lost them!!
down for a little playground time! oh unless you are the lankfords and really all that means is wrestle mania time... yikes! the boys ran from point a to point b all throughout the mall. i just shook my head and thought people don't judge me, this is not exactly physically possible. they are not ALL mine!
the biggest treat was the "small fry" guys that we purchased. my hope is that barron's little guy makes the trip with him and we can all skype about our little furry friends. the little boys both picked frogs, while cy took home a little bear.
here we are giving them baths.

lots of cheesing going on from the boys and their 3 friends, all named "fheodore (or theodore?)"

we had a blast celebrating our special buddy, bear! we will miss them, but can't wait to see what the Lord has in story for that crew!!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

i'd be more ready for a cage fighting match...

this was said just minutes before nate's first soccer game last saturday. he was a little nervous, but ended up doing great. the 1st half was kind of rough (he nearly died!), but his lungs adjusted and he did great the 2nd half. we have to give props to uncle clay for scoring the only goal for this team! another try today, maybe even a victory!

the best part was that Mr."i do NOT wear pink" is had to play in a pink jersey. hopefully today they can wear their super cool orange shirts!

Friday, September 10, 2010

labor day ribs

i did not snap a pic of the rib man, but he did a great job as usual! we spent the late afternoon with a lot of our family. it was great. love seeing these sweet faces! brax was trying to read cy this book, but cy was not too interested?
we even had tay, that is a fun treat!

the pool was a little chilly, boat riding was the activity of choice for most.

slumber party

this is probably be the closest thing we will have to a slumber party around here for a while, but it was great! sweet braxton was our first spend the night friend and all the boys were so excited. they stayed up late watching cartoons and chatting. brax informed me that no he was not tired until the 3rd yawn! about 10 or 3 yawns later everyone was out. colby did not make the cut all night. he had to go to his bed. the big boys were up early ready to play legos! so much fun and a memory to hold on to for the next year or 2?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

busy weekend

this weekend was super busy, but tons of fun!! we had a few friends over for a backyard cookout on sunday afternoon.
gotta get in as many gatherings with this guy and crew before he heads out on us!
they will always be good buddies!

look at this chick. you would never have guessed that just a few months ago she lived in another "world." she is as much of this crew as any one!!

baby b won't be long now!!

saturday we showered my dear friends with lots of fun baby stuff. baby baldwin should be here in the next couple of weeks and i can't wait. having a friend since 6th grade is fun, especially when you don't have any sisters. i am so excited for Bec and Nick and can't wait to meet their sweet little friend. the shower was fun and the weather was amazing. what a sweet kiss that was!

No girls at the man cabin....

friday night was all boy time.....
nate, joey and karl loaded up their mighty crew and headed to the cabin. 6 boys in all here they were lined up on the cabin porch. they finally crashed around 11 and slept all nite. i guess you call that a success!
court and i took advantage of the situation and headed to the mall. she just had bristol and with plenty of snacks we were set. while our boys made "man" memories, i made sweet "sis" memories of my own. it was great.
oh but before they camped, they had to go huntin!

this scary crew managed to kill 30 birds. oh man, were they proud!

1st day back to school!!!!

after a looong 4 month break, school is back in session! yippeee!!

the newest member of pre-K 4 class. he is so big and he makes my heart so happy. can't wait to see what this year holds for him.
this 2 year old is really coming into his own and making us laugh! 2 year old teachers watch out....
we are all celebrating the beginning of this year. we love our school, our teachers and our friends.


a family affair

last thursday we headed off as a family of 7 to the titans game. dad snagged some extra tickets and we all got to sit together. it was TONS of fun. sweet Cy loves him some pep and probably chatted about the fireworks the entire walk!
tuck even made it back in town. a BIG treat for colby!
so blessed by these 2....

colby wore this helmet to the game and most of the time we were there. he LOVES the titan games!

thankyou Lord for this day!!!