Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow much fun!!! hehe....

Like the rest of Williamson* Co. we have been outside for the last few days playing our hearts out. With one really big boy in our house and two smaller ones everyone was super pumped about the snow. It just so happened that we were already planning to make a night of it at Pepe and Grandmo's house when we heard that the snow was coming on Friday night. So we stuck with our planned, packed our warm clothes and the 4 wheeler, of course, and headed over. My parents live in a great sledding neighborhood and have an awesome radio flyer sled to attack the hills on. My dad was actually seen on several occasions putting candle wax on the rails of the sled to make it go even faster. Cy was obsessed with sledding this year. He had no fear, which is not really like him, and wanted to sled day and night. Nate had so much fun doing this with him. With Tuck still in town and Clay and Kelly over to visit as well we had a large sledding crowd. Colby was not as in to it, but he did not mind riding the "boom boom" to go and pick up friends at the bottom of a sledding hill. Grandmo made all of our favorite treats and we were spoiled to death. It was great! Here are a couple of pics to enjoy!

My handsome Nate on Sunday exploring the woods behind our house.

Hold on tight Cy!!!!

Uncle Tuck, Uncle Clay and Riley playing in the snow.

Sweet buddies braving the little hill by our house. Colby's first time down on the sled.

Colby just taking in the scenery, something he does best!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy 2nd birthday Colby!

Two years ago today, the Lord blessed me with my sweet Colby. He is such a ray of sunshine in my day. He is the silly one, the grumpy one and the true lover around here. He loves to say "sumpin stinky, it smell yucty" or just give you a good "ummmmm." He is sweet to his brother when he is not chasing him around with his hand up ready to attack. He was a TROOPER last Thursday night when he split his lip open. He is a big fan of his Uncle Tucker's and can spot a turkey miles away just like his dad. I know the Lord has big plans for my Colbster. I am sure there will be many laughs and "stinky' moments along the way! Happy Birthday Buddy!

As typical if you know me, we have been celebrating this birthday all week. First a little silly monster love on Monday followed by treats at school today and a big Panchos* blow out tonight. We have sang our hearts out all day and finally tonight I think he decided the attention was not all that bad and enjoyed our song.
Cupcakes- Silly monster style

Big brother trying to "help" but not be in the way too much.
First set of candles to blow out today.

Trying to be big and not get upset when sweet Shaelyn Jade needs a hand by holding his shirt. Matching lined jeans and gray converse, too cute! Thanks Aunt Court for the fun Colby shirt.

Mommy and her littlest guy!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Catch up Post from the Weekend!

Over the weekend we headed down to the cabin to hang with the fam and do some exploring. Nate, Cy,Pep, MoMo, Tuck, Gavin, Kara, and Uncle Clay all slipped down into this massive cave under the rocks near the cabin. For some reason I became super claustrophobic and WOULD NOT go down. Oh well, they said it was awesome and maybe one day Colby and I will be brave enough to check it out. We had fun riding 4-wheelers and playing at the cabin.

This is the hole they went down in! Really!

I also have not posted about last Thursday night. This pic was really taken today, but shows what happened last week. When Nate came home from work that evening the boys met him with the same offer, " want to wrestle on your bed?" Of course they took off, the problem was that Colby decided to wrestle the bed post before he made it on to the bed. So as Nate calmly tells me "We've got our first bad one," I come out of the laundry room to a bloody mess on Colby's lip. We throw everyone in the car, drop off Cy at the g-parents and head to Vandy. We could tell stitches were in our future, but not exactly the way that we had planned. They called in the Oral Surgeon to stitch up my buddy b/c of the direction of the cut and he needed internal stitches put in. That was great except they did put him to sleep, IV and all. Not what I was bargaining for, but all went well. So well that by the next morning he had pulled most of the external stitches out! It seems to be healing fine and he is so glad not to have the stitches poking out. It looks great. Oh the joys of motherhood!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ready or not here I go....

This March I am setting off for this amazing country to love on the orphans, surfers, and others along the way! Costa Rica here I come!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Yeah it is warming up... a little that is!

Cy has anxiously been waiting for the white stuff to fall, since sometime last JULY! When the big storm was supposed to come last Thursday, I was sooo excited for him. I casually mentioned that maybe when we woke up there might be snow. He was pumped. Unfortunately for him, no snow was even falling when he woke up and the hopes of that big snowman were not looking good. As the morning went on and over the next couple of days it did snow, just not exactly what he had in mind.
Here he was the first day after some snow. Not very impressed!!
Dad was the only one to brave the freezing temps with the boys. No way was I going out for that whimpy snow fall.
It did eventually fall enough that Cy made this guy. He was pleased and hopefully he will get one more try to make a snowman that is proportional to the glasses on this guy!

I however am rejoicing in the warmer temps!!!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year's Day 2010!

Hope your day has been as pajama filled as ours! Wishing you and your family many blessings in this new year!

Love to all