Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Livi

This past Thursday we rode out to SH to help our sweet cousin Livi celebrate her 2nd b-day. She is 4 weeks to the day younger than Colby and she is so fun to play with. We had a little treat that we wanted to get to her, so we went to play for a little while. Her mom decided we should hit up the fun jumpy place for a little exercise. I was not sure how this would go with my biggest brother, he is not too brave and all. But the crowd was really small and he was the "big" kid in our group. Colby loved the place immediately, saying "mom, is this place?" with a huge smile on his face. We jumped until our legs could no longer jump anymore. Thanks Livi for the fun afternoon and Happy B-day friend!!

Cousin wrestling is common, right???

The two big 2 year olds braving the big slide together. It took them forever to get to the top and then no time to get down. Oh well!
Sweet kiddos!!

Big stuff....

Colby has officially made it a week in his "big boy bed." He has mixed emotions over it, but has done great. Colby started asking about a month ago to sleep in brothers bed with him. I decided it was time to move up and most days he thinks he is "big stuff." It helps that the bed used to belong to Uncle Tuck, one of Colby's favorite people on earth!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mom.....Mowgli does not wear a shirt

Praise the Lord that these two Mowgli wannabes have finally been able to PLAY OUTSIDE!!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What will you be doing in 2 weeks from today?

I will be packed in a van with 9 other people, I really don't know super well and on the adventure of a lifetime. I can't wait!!!! I just yesterday received an email with 2 pics attached. They are the only pics any of us have seen from the orphanage we are headed to. I can't stop looking at them. One is a group shot of about 6 kiddos, one girl and the rest boys. A couple are smiling, most are not. That is why I am going. If for just one week I can give all 6 of them a hope, a future and an experience with a Father that loves them then my heart will be happy. The amazing thing about my God is that I know He will do SO MUCH more.
The other pic is of a little guy about my Cy's age. This smile spells nothing but TROUBLE! I love it. Being a reserved, modest, conservative person, I wondered how freely I would be able to love and give. I have taught kiddos in school that go home to nothing that even looks like love, kiddos that have witnessed violent crimes and others that are so behind the world tells them "no way." Since seeing see those 7 sweet little faces I know that nothing will be stopping me from loving on them will all my heart. There will be more to this experience than I can even imagine. Emotions experienced that may never leave me, but I know that the call was there, I have responded and Here I Go.
Pray for me, pray for all 3 of my sweet boys and pray for those 7 (plus 40 more) faces that will forever be a part of me in just 2 weeks.

Monday, February 15, 2010

2010....the year that turning 30 was COOL!

Yes friends this is the year.... A large group of friends, Nate and myself included will all turn the Big 30 this year. I am fine with it, really not sure what b-day I won't be fine with since I love to celebrate them. It is funny to talk to some friends though and well, they are just not too sure about turning 30. Anyway, it happens, we must embrace it and thank the Lord for the past 30 years of blessings.

This weekend we left the kiddos with my parents and headed to G-burg for a surprise 30th. Nate's aunt, Sonya, turned 30 on Friday and we were hiding in the cabin when we gave her very unexpected "surprise!" Here she is looking up at us, speechless and confused.

We hung out that nite and ate lots. Here is Court getting prepared for her skiing adventure the next day. She was the only one in the group that could have sat on this thing and not crushed it!
The birthday girl and her best buddy Dana after a good round of "Happy B-day" and the blowing out of the matchstick candle!

The birthday girl had been told by her sweet hubby that she was headed somewhere warm?? So she was the only one that brought her swimsuit. The hot tub was a popular hangout for the brave souls.

I did not go skiing with the majority, decided outlet mall shopping and a cozy lunch was more my speed. Nate did go and have a blast! He is an expert, you know. Then we headed to a very random, but super fun murder mystery dinner. PLEASE call me before you attended any dinner shows in a strip mall in Pigeon Forge*.

It was a wonderful weekend to kick off the 2010 year of turning 30! This week alone I have 2 more dear friends hitting the 30 mark! Yeah for all the 1980 babies!!