Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Anniversary Dad and Mom!

Today is my parents anniversary! We hope that you have a wonderful date night. We love you and thank you for being the greatest parents, in-laws, and grandparents to all of us!!!
Had to also give a shout out to the other two Dad's that we celebrated with on Sunday. This is my dad and his dad! So fun to have 4 generations all together.
Missed seeing Poppi that day, but we will catch up next week on vacation.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Why we love our "Dad!"

Like so many Dads that we know, they are all great guys. But out in our neck of the woods, Cy, Colby and I feel like our "Dad" takes the cake!! He is #1 in our book because of so many different reasons.....
1. Like the fact that he took "the mom" to one of her MOST favorite places in the world b/c he loves her!!

2. We love him, b/c only he could manage to have a head on collision with a random man walking down the street. And feel confident in the fact that the coffee stain on his shirt resembled the state of Alaska and didn't care!!
3. We love that he is a self-proclaimed "Master Gardener" (whatever that is?) and really had the greatest day of his life today. His veggies came in and he picked and picked and picked them! 4. We love him b/c he moved us here on a piece of property that is home to 65 hay bales and never lets any of us miss one minute of the fun this has to offer.
5. I love him, b/c with out him this would never have been possible. And nothing in the world is more fabulous than moments and days like these!!!!
I could go on forever talking about reasons to love Nate, but since he received a blue ribbon in his garden today, I had better stop(not sure how much bigger his head can get!) J/K Whether he is heading off to work in the morning, telling Cy deer stories at night, giving Colby way too many snacks, or using our marriage as an example in his Sunday school lesson, this guy never lets us doubt his love for us! We love you too "Dad" and thank God for you daily!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pirate Cy's creek party

On Saturday we invited over the fam and a few friends to help Pirate Cy continue his birthday celebration. We headed down to the creek where we rode a pirate ship, cheered on a duck race and enjoyed gold coin cupcakes. We had pirate friends with painted tattoos, baby pirates wearing bandannas, and special homemade pirate tees. Our friends totally came through for us on the theme. Thanks so much to Grandma for helping us bake the yummy gold coin cupcakes and to Nate for clearing out the creek bed and making our ship. This pirate mom could not have done it without the help!! You know the party is fun for everyone if the Dad's end up taking off their shirts and swimming. Hey whoever said that kid parties were lame?? Thanks to all of our friends for coming and helping us celebrate Cy Austin!

Happy 3rd Birthday Cy Austin!!

That's right we celebrated Cy's 3rd birthday on Friday. Like his mother, we celebrated for not just one day, but several!!! Cy woke up first thing Friday to a couple of special treats. The first was that Dad was back home. Nate had been gone all week and did not arrive home until late Thursday night. Cy was so happy, he had no clue that it was even his birthday. However, once I reminded him, he was dying to see if his Dad had gotten him a Jeep. We did not actually get Cy a "jeep", but we did get him a John Dee*re Gator. And the pics tell how pumped he was about this gift. Little brother also was beside himself over the new toy and LOVES riding half in and half out! Safe, I know.

We had a birthday cinnamon roll and blew out our first candle of the day.

Next we hit O'Chucks for lunch. A favorite of Cy's b/c of the rolls and we had quite the crew. Non and Pop brought a super fun dump truck and Cy had to fight off the little brother and little cousin all during lunch. It was so much fun to celebrate with some of the Lankford clan! Cy blew out another candle during lunch. 2 down and 1 to go!

That night we loaded up the "jeep/gator" and headed over to the Watson house. Pepe and Grandmo had gone in on the riding toy with us, so we had to go show them our mad driving skills. Cy also received 3 more treasures there and was in heaven. I do not have any pics, b/c they are on my mom's camera. Cy did blow out his 3rd and final candle of the day in a big piece of angel food cake, his personal fav! Such a fun day for such a sweet big brother!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Early summer fun!

We have been doing many fun things so far this summer. We went to a beautiful wedding, celebrated a special cousins b-day, went to the zoo, and of course fishing with friends. Here a few pics to update you on my wild crew!

Colby saying "cheese" in his nice wedding outfit (up in a tree, of course?).

Playing at the cool nature center for Brax's birthday!

Colby "kissing" his fish with Dad.

Bill Dan*ce, watch out these guys have come to fish!

The Zoo Crew, enough said.....

I also feel bad for not posting about our 5 year wedding anniversary. It was a couple of weeks ago, and Nate and I have a fun evening out. I wanted a pic from the night, but no luck! We are planning to go NYC next week and continue the celebration so we will have pics to share from that I am sure. Also we have a very BIG day coming up this Friday when someone in the "grove" turns 3!!!! Can't wait to celebrate!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wordless Wednesday-Fishing

Pics from Amanda's blog of the boys fishing the other night! Cy had a blast catching his first big "shark" ever! Thanks friends!

Sweet Colby just along for the adventure!
Oh and a very special HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY to our favorite super hero cousin...Braxton! We love you buddy!!