Sunday, December 4, 2011

whew we are trying to cram it all in before sister comes!

this weekend, we were all over the place! i have pics from some of it and just memories from other events. friday night we went with most of the fam to downtown nashville to watch the christmas parade. it was so much fun, i had no clue what to expect and loved it! the weather was great and it was a very fun friday night activity.

then early saturday morning we were up and ready to go at the jingle bell run in franklin. this year we brought the boys along and i think we all had a great time.

ol' st nick was even there for a jog and we were able to snag a fun pic with him
hopeful that this is one of the last fam of 4 pics :)

cy ran in the santa chase that morning, here he is a the starting line, very serious

run, buddy, run

so proud of how awesome he did!!!

sweet bec always comes out and supports our family in this run, this year i decided i was going to hang with her in the race. ha, she tells me as we get started that she is planning to run the entire thing. i am NOT a runner. i NEVER run, soo i made it about 2/3rds of the way and then let her gone on ahead. i really did not finish too far behind her, but i was super proud of her!!! i will say, i am SOOO sore today.

so then this crew loads up and heads east to watch the green devils plan in the state championship. we were so pumped to be there with gav and kara to cheer on the team. we only made it until half time, but the green devils came out on top and are the 2011 state champs!!!

we had to rush home from the game to head to our sunday school classes christmas party. it was a tacky party and unfortunately i have no pics. i will tell you that nate won " tackiest" you can just imagine!!

then we ended the weekend with the always classic preschool christmas performance at church. colby is old enough now to be in the show and he was a super cute camel.

he sang, SOME!!!
he waved, LOTS! and then he looked bored the rest of the time. oh well, as jonthan c. said at least one out of the two is into to preforming!

this brother LOVES to be on stage. here he is doing his speaking part. we were all so proud!

he loves a good song that has several hand motions, he really gets into those...

either way, they had a huge cheering section~all the grandparents~fun family and friends~

and of course mom and dad!

next weekend we kick off family christmas, that is unless miss hadley decides to make an early entrance!!!!

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