Sunday, December 25, 2011

wow what an adventure

not sure i can fully explain it here, so here are some pics to enjoy. miss hadley was born on the 12th and our waiting period ended on the 23rd. soo here are some of her first few days.....

yay for hair

going home, to the hotel, after 24 hours

meeting nonni and pop

and meeting grandmo and pep

so in love!!

meeting her big brothers

family of 5

ohh he loves his little sis

first few visitors

meeting her sweet cousin and her aunt dane dane!

many more pics to come....

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Brittany Allen said...

Tiff, I sat here and teared up over your sweet baby girl just thinking about how blessed she is to be a part of your family. I know she loves her momma and daddy already! And there's no better way to grow up than havin' those 2 older brothers to make you tough! love and miss you lots! I can't wait to hold Hadley!